Friday, October 24, 2008

pieces of life

Here are some old photos that I love so so much!

1-love it because it looks so retro!(photo is from my trip ti Milan-my birthday)

2-love this one bacause I look so relaxed and happy here!Oh!and that Lamborgini behind me was just awesome!(also from Milan(via Montenapoleone)-girl just can't be unhappy if she is doing shopping!)

3-love it just because it's so cute!we were dresed totaly in black and it looked realy nice(also my birthday 2 years ago(in Saint-Petesburg))


  1. I want the car thats in the first pic. I Love it

  2. Honestly i want it too!)but in such climate like we have here in Russia an old car like this would be ruined very soon unfortunately!