Thursday, October 16, 2008

my adorable university

Sometimes i'm extremely tired of my university because I learn 3 languages and I have to keep a huge amount of information in my head and work realy hard,especialy when I pass exams. But when the weather is fine and I have not so much and not so difficult lessons my university is quite a pleasant place, especialy its yard! I haven't ever seen such a nice place near any university! When we have a break music plays, all studets go out to the yard to chat and to take the air. But the most lovely thing that our yard is full of flowers, plants and very interesting statues! You can see some of them on the pictures(my favourites) but it's just few of them(there are 10-15 lovely statues in our yard).

Two days ago me and my b-friend we had our anniversary (we are dating for 2 years already) so he brought me a very unusual bouquet(very nice colours).Thank you my darling!)
P.S. 5 photo-this horned creature is reading "Le petit prince"(oh,he is so dreamy!)
3 photo -this hippo is the cutest animal that I've ever seen!

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