Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sequins for a party

For a long time already I was dreaming about some sequined thing but all the jackets/dresses/waistcoats,etc. that I've seen were not so good or way too expensive. Actually I was dreaming about some amazing sequined dress like from Balmain's collection-short and sexy. I was trying to find some on Ebay but damn! I just can't understand how it works!And I don't like to place bids because I was outbidded many many times for different reasons! So ,honestly, I just hate Ebay!!!When I want to buy some vintage clothes Etsy is much more easy and pleasant because you don't have to place any bids or wait for a long time-you just find the best thing for you, talk to a nice and attentive seller and voi·là!The dress of your dream arrives in few days or weeks(to my country everything arrives in two or three weeks unfortunately) in it's best condition and beautifully packed. This Friday we were celebrating my friend's Birthday at one night club/bar and I just had no idea what to wear because I was bored of all the clothes that I had for some time already but this problem was solved easily because in the morning I got a notification that my dress that I bought on Etsy some time ago arrived! I wasn't absolutely sure that it would fit me but when I tryed it on...I started dancing!)) It was just...PERFECT! Nice pattern, millions of sequins, great cut, and big shoulder pads!!! A true perfection from 80's! And there were also some other nice things about this package- the super-sweet seller from bittersweetdesign also added very very beautiful earrings as a gift(they are looking amazing with the dress) and all this was packed so neatly!With a nice ribbon and exactly with love! I highly recommend this seller because It was really a pleasure to deal with her and the dress(though it's vintage) was in great condition and almost all the sequins were at their place.
This dress was the best choice for a party and I got many compliments wearing it but of course I always don't manage to take photos of my best outfits so here are just few blurry pictures. Anyway that night was just crazy and after that I had the worst hang-over I've ever had! Ooops. And by the way...I feel a special love to braids lately so I'm looking for different interesting hair styles with braids and start to try them as you see.
I hope you are not too tired of reading all this! Have a great day!:)

Wearing: dress-vintage, shoes-Zara, clutch-Uterqüe, earrings-vintage.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

MAC me up!

Few days ago a girl from MAC store called me and asked if I wanted to come to get free MAC make up(I'm a steady customer there). Of course I couldn't refuse! Though I'm a make up artist myself(and I mostly work on MAC cosmetics) I wanted just to relax in the chaire while MAC's make up artist was working at my face. It was also interesting for me to know more about their products,technique,brushes ,etc. It was a big mistake because now I want to own all the brushes and all the eye shadows that she used!!!But I need a lot of money for all this and it's better to spend them for some new clothes because now I'm still wearing my old stuff and that makes me really sad. Today I went to a presentation of Istituto Marangony(damn!it's my dream!)and a good make up was needed for this occasion. So here I am!Don't you think that this make up looks almost like from Gucci summer 09 fashion show?
The make up artist was using all the products from new limited collections, so here are the names of this products if you are interested.
Eye shadows: Jest, Violet trance, Haunting.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

MY OWN FASHION WEEK - Saturday(Julia's Birthday)

Yes,yes, I know! I'm a little bit late with this post but anyway...I had some problems with my computer(all technics just hate me!) so I couldn't get any photos from it to post here. That Saturday I spent with my dear friends because it was Julia's Birthday-she looked amazing and her birthday cake was also very beautiful because it was trimed with natural roses and it was also really delicious! I was wearing one of my fave dresses that I bought in Spain- the best thing about this dress that it is very very comfy for a party dress and it has only one strap-one shoulder dresses-is my new passion.I also like black and white combination right now as you can see,but I prefer to add some color-in this case I decided to use deep-blue eye shadows and nail polish.

I just looove invitations!When I get a nice invitation from a person and not only words about that he/she invites me to the party that means for me that this person cares a lot about his guests. So thank you, Julia!

Princess Julia.

me and one of my best friends -Daria

Dress-Formul@ Joven

Thursday, September 17, 2009

In my perfect world...

I have one secret to tell you... I'm a big dreamer!:)I'm sure that everyone imagines sometimes how could his/her perfect world look like.
So do I sometimes. Looking through the prism of blogs my own perfect world would look something like this:
♥ All people in the streets and in the subway would look like people from StockholmStreetStyle- nice,healthy-looking, well-groomed,stylish and with strong personality

♥ My days and partys would look childish, careless and crazy like Sandra's from Noitefelem

♥ My shoes would be like from Sea of Shoes

♥ My meals would be appetizing like from Clara's blog

♥ My make up would be bright and bold as Xenia's from DoedeereBlogazine

♥ My work would be creative and interesting like Glamourai's

P.S. I advice you to visit these blogs because they really make my day sometimes so I think they can inspire you for a beautiful life too:)
P.P.S. And how would your perfect world look like if we are talking about blogs?:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


New DIY project is coming!Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

MY OWN FASHION WEEK - Friday(tired of university)

Some teachers have a talent for eating student's brain. I was so so tired after the university! Today I also started attending photo lessons.

shirt-Zara; skirt-H&M; bag- Uterqüe; tights-Calzedonia; shoes- 69; sunglasses-vintage Nina Ricci.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I know I know...I'm a bad girl because i didn't do what I promised and today I can't post any outfit for MY OWN FASHION WEEK. This day was quite saturated-I met with my friends and visited the exhibition of Fabio Viale's works. I just don't have enough words to describe it because his works are absolutely incredible. All of his sculptures are made of marble and they go contrary to all the laws of physics. After the exhibition I went to my mother's shop to fill up my wardrobe.The new collection arrived so I didn't leave with empty hands of course!:) You can see the PHOTOS from the fall campaign for this shop HERE-all the styling and make up for this photo shoot was made by me. I really like the results!And what about you?I really want to know YOUR THOUGHTS:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

MY OWN FASHION WEEK - Wednesday(my cousin's wedding)

It was a first time I attended at any wedding so it was very touching and exciting. The only thing that was darkening this day for me were my poor,worn out feet. I know now that it's impossible for me to wear heels every day-my feet just hate me when I do so. It's a pity that I took not so much photos with my camera,so here is just one(it's too hard to teach my grany to work with my camera well).

blouse with silk bow-tailored; dress,belt-from my mother's shop; clutch-Chloe; tights-Calzedonia; shoes-Topshop.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

MY OWN FASHION WEEK - Tuesday( nice day with Julia)

I've spent almost all day with my dear friend Julia because it was her Birthday.We went to fabric shop today and I noticed some great fabrics to sew something for fall and winter.

body-Wolford,skirt-customized Mango skirt, tights-Calzedonia, bag-LV,shoes-Gianfranco Ferre.
P.S. I've noticed that red tights attract men's attention a lot:)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

MY OWN FASHION WEEK - Monday( ordinary day at university)

Hi everyone! I have good news for you!:) From this day and till the end of this week I'm going to REFRESH my blog DAILY! I was thinking about making such series of posts for a long time already but I was always too busy to dress up every day or something else. Today I thought-it's right time now!So here is MY OWN FASHION WEEK that will end on Sunday. I decided to make this project(and I'm going to repeat it in the future) because I wanted to motivate muself to dress up every day at least during one week. The weather became so bad that everyday I feel temptation to fit in simple jeans and put on sneaker-I know that it's the most infallible way to lose vitality so I just had to do something to prevent it. So from this day only nice outfits and heels!Especially as I have so many good events this week- my cousins wedding and Julia's birthday!
Stay tuned and check my blog daily for cute outfits and good mood!:)
See ya soon!

body-Wolford, dress,belt-from my mothers shop, trench-H&M,bag-LV,tights-Calzedonia,shoes-Marc Jacobs.
P.S. Yes,my boy-friend is not the best photographer but whatever!
This morning he told me that green tights is a big "no!no!" and that everybody would laugh at me.I'm a person that never listens to someones opinion and I always wear just what I like so I went out this morning being elated and was feeling myself great all day long wearing these "kikimora's,awful" tights)))). I don't like stereotypes.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

one sunny day

Today I met with my mates from university to have a dinner and talk about summer vacation and our plans for future. I just love these guys so it was a great day for me-we laugh a lot when we are together. I was also very happy that the weather was fine enough to wear my new vintage dress-I already thought that it would wait till next summer to be shown.

sunglasses-vintage Nina Ricci; dress-vintage; shoes-Carvela; bag-LV

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

buy buy, summer!

All these photos just make me smile.Pictures speak better than words.



Thank you...you was amazing!