Friday, July 31, 2009


Well...this day was really amazing! In the morning I went with my b-friend's mother to Hietalahti Market to do some thrift shopping where I got some treasures(photos later) like super-stylish eye wear just for 2 euros(just need to change lenses), super-cute moomy broch and some tiny stuff for dolls(I'm going to make some necklaces using it). The weather today was absolutely magical-very soft sun,not hot,not cold! Helsinki was looking very different today because it was surprisingly busy. All people are suntanned and happy like it's Riviera and not a northen city. After shopping day we went to Robert's coffee terrace to have some latte and I saw Vesa Perakyla passing by very close to me! I was glad to see him because it's quite curiously to see fashion bloggers in real life(he looked chic and relaxed as always) but my mouth was full of coffee so unfortunately I couldn't even say hello to him. Oops!
I'm going to stay some more days here so may be I'll meet someone interesting again.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm in Helsinki again! This month I feel like a true jet-setter because in fact I live on my lugguage almost last four weeks. I returened to Helsinki because my boy-friend works here and he asked me to stay with him.I didn't mind really because I get pleasure walking around Helsinki(it's a place of serenity) and eating Lakka hillo confiture.I don't intend to do shopping(except thrift shopping-everything is for 4 or 3 euros these days at UFF,but I'm afraid that for such price only rags are left there,so we'll see...) this time so I took my sport wear to do jogging and spend my time actively.After all the tasty meals and vine in Spain I need to pay attention to my body.
Unfortunately I can't download photos from my camera to this computer so I can't show you my latest outfits this week:(
P.S.:I have some spare time now so if you want me to make a post about anything special or have any questions-just ask.You can leave a comment or send me an email.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Graduation-one day, two outfits

Hi everyone!:)I'm back from Spain and Finland! It was really a nice journey with a lot of shopping and having fun with my friends! I'm here in Saint-Petersburg for few days because of my mothers birthday and then I go to Helsinki for a week again! It's like my second home now! I have lots of photos from Spain with bright sunny outfits, but they were taken by my friend who is a true perfectionist so he refuses to give me these photos before he work them up.Hope they will turn out great!Here are some photos from my graduation. That day I was wearing two of my fave dresses.
I was a bad blogger lately so I'm going to spoil you with regular posts of my outfits within the next few days.

I had no time in the morning for setting my hair. Thanks God I have this amazing headband from FeatherBrain(so it helps me when I have bad hair days) and i'm a make up artist myself so getting good make up early in the morning is not a problem for me.
With my dear friend Julia. Thank you for supporting me that day!

With my class-mate.


This dress is vintage from 80's(I purchaed it in Paris). I realised that cut of the dresses from 80's fits me perfectly.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

prom night

Hi everyone! Now I'm blogging from Helsinki. I've spent here two days doing some shopping(not so successful-damn!I've missed the collection by Matthew Williamson for H&M and I didn't manage to buy Lula magazine again!),walking in parks(i love bunnies!) and enjoing some traditional finnish meals(cloudberry confiture is to die for!).Unfortunately I didn't see any familiar faces of finnish bloggers during these days. Tomorrow I'm going to Spain for quite a long time to take sun baths and do shopping overdose.
I promised to show you my prom dress so I'm going to do it right now! I'm sure that it seems familiar to you though it was tailored. I must say that my prom was one of the happiest days in my life and others from my group also think so.First we had a dinner in one italian restaurant and it was so cool to talk with the owner only in italian all the evening,then we took a ride on limo and made some pro photos in beautiful places of our city and the last point was a beach club.
I'm very glad that I was studying with such interesting and funny people during these 4 years!Love them all!
I do my make up myself

It was first time when I asked my hair stylist to lift up my hair because with this dress shoulders should be uncovered.

Me and my class mates.Yes we had only one boy in our group and he is lucky mf because he was always among beautiful girls.

Having fun in limo

And the culmination of the night-Natasha gone wild!))))Believe me -it's not the craziest photo from this site!Others just shouldn't be seen by anybody)))

PS:I have so many photos to update but I'm not sure that I'll have access to the internet in Spain.When I come back to Russia I'll get some pro photos from my prom and I'll show them to you. In next post I'll show you some photos of my outfit from my graduation.Hope to see you soon.

Dress:tailored(with flowers handmade by me)

Saturday, July 04, 2009


I had the graduation ceremony today !yay!:)it was so happy and so sad day at the same time!More photos from that day and from my prom will be soon.