Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

herd instinct

Oh this herd instinct! I also couldn't resist so now If you want to know about my stupid thoughts you can follow me on Twitter!)) I don't know enough about it yet so I only can say that you can find me there by name- fashiononmymind. See you there!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It can be any color if this color is black

This Friday me and my friend Dasha attended a party held by MAC cosmetics in black style. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprized because this party was really made on very high level for our city-great concept,amazing decoration(ah! these huge purple candles were just fantastic!Want to have them at home but it can be fire hazardous), perfect music(I wonder what band was playing at the beginning of the was lovely!) and cool make up on the models and barmen(first time I admited that smoky eyes and black nails can look sexy on guys:) . The organizers have completely changed quite dull interior of the bar into some mystical space.Good work!
Dress code of the party sounded like this:
London's new-gothic. IT CAN BE ANY COLOR IF THIS COLOR IS BLACK. -Nice!:)
I can't say that my outfit was very "gothic" but it was almost complitely black and I was wearing my self-made embroidered tights that you could see HERE. I was also wearing quite short dress/shirt that I purchased in Stocholm some time ago and my friend Dasha was always saying that it looked like I forgot my pants. Anyway I was very self-confident wearing all this so it was ok. The only bad thing was that I found out that all the Black collection was already sold out! Damn, how could they make a presentation of it when it was already sold out?!Weird logic! So now, Doe Deere, you can be sure that I'll purchase the black lipstick(and many other colors because they are AWEsome!) from your collection because MAC has really disappointed me!(By the way you really should check out her Lime Crime cosmetics because I'm fully confident that you have never seen such weird/fantastic/crazy colors before!).

Wearing: Dress-Soaked in luxury,brooch-H&M,coat-Sultanna Frantsuzova,tights- self-made, shoes-Topshop.

Dasha's sexy back



Friday, October 23, 2009

DIY: let your legs get all the attention

Lately I was inspired for many DIY projects and here is one of them. As I adore nice tights, leggins etc.(because even such small thing can make your outfit look absolutely amazing) I decided to make for myself some DIY tights that would attract a lot of attention. To embroider them?! Why not! You have seen embroidered jeans, jackets, cardigans and so on many times, but tights is even better object for experiments!It takes a lot of time but believe me it worths it!
So you need...
♥ Quite thick tights( at least 40Den)
♥ Some lace(to cut elements from it)
♥ Small scissors(for cutting out)
♥ The most thin needle(for beads) and threads
♥ Some beads and sequins
♥ About 4 or 5 hours to make your super tights
1- Cut out different elements from the lace

2- Prepare some beads and sequins.It's better to put them in some small saucer(Later you'll have only one spare hand so it would be more easy to get the beads)

3- Put the tights on your hand and start to sew on the elements, beads and sequins. Be careful with the needle! Also be careful with the tights because it's easy to damage them.

Ta-da! And here is the result! Nice,huh?

I've chosen dark-grey tights and golden lace-love the combination of these colors.
NB! You are lucky if you have a plastic leg(like you can see in hosiery shops) because in this case you need two times less time for all the process and you can keep your magical hands from injury.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The bog

Lately I feel so bored! You know such periods of life when just nothing happens- today was one of the most grey days. The only place I've been today was university, then I went home, switched on my computer -also there nothing happens- no interesting emails, a lack of posts from bloggers, no fun messages on the facebook-nothing! No events lately, no good news, no suggetions from friends. Of course it may be my laziness but also my horoscope in Grazia says today-don't do anything, just wait. The most strange thing is that I don't even want to go shopping to entertain myself because I don't know what I want! I was waiting for money because I wanted to order something from my tailor but now I have no idea what to order! It feels like I have some boggy morass around me- it sucks me in and the last inspiration and energy throw me over. Probably the reason of it is the season-I never liked fall. I was always associating it with such course of life. Honestly I'm not the most energetic person in the world and when nothing interesting happens I just go out. Of course I'm happy that everything is ok in general but I need some fresh air, some new ideas. What I like about such periods is that I have mood for reading books and for my luck I've received recently The Sartorialist book and it is really amazing and very inspiring. We all love The Sartorialist blog and now I can almost carry it with me everywhere-the book is quite small and I can look through it and dream about dolce vita and beautiful people at university, cafe, subway or enywhere else.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The roots

One day every person starts to think about his/her national identification. It's impossible to uderstand who your are if you don't look at your roots. For my opinion it's some step of maturing and now I'm on this level. I'm russian. A citizen of a country with very rich history and culture but very hard destiny. Lately I was talking a lot about russian culture here on my blog. Many of you told me that it's cool that I'm proud of my country but that's not entirely true. May be it's a paradox but I love a lot the cultural heritage of my country and hate my country itself! Our government was always doing too many bad things to our country- it rob's it, pollutes it, tries to override and humble it. Russian nature is absolutely marvelous, russian people are strong,tough,beautiful,clever and understanding, but at the same time Russia is full of contrasts- ugliness and beauty always live here side by side.
I'd like to know- are you proud of your country? What you like/dislike about it?

This photo was made by my friend but the idea is mine. This matreshka(another 2 dolls are from the inside of the bigger one) was given to me as a gift by my mother wen I was 1 year old. I clearly remember that I was playing with it a lot when I was a child. It had 5 or may be 6 dolls inside but of course during such a long time(OMG!20 years!) some of them were lost. The rest of it is very precious for me and I save it like a relic.
Here are some details about this look if you're interested:
Make up- MAC shimmer blush 'Dollymix'; MAC lipstick-'Morange'
Outfit-vintage scarf Salvatore Ferragamo;Beads-H&M.
Make up-me
Photographer-Igor Kiselev

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

mother Russia

Hi everyone!I'm back from Spain!Didn't manage to go to Barcelona but the weather was so nice and the sea was so warm that I had a great time in Lloret de Mar. Believe me-natural tan is much more precious than shopping in October. Now I'm living my ordinary life in Saint-Petersburg and don't want to believe that the wet snow that we already have now will poison my life for at least 6 months! Today we met with my friends at the photographic studio to have fun and make some great pictures. My obsession about russian culture couldn't not to tell upon my outfit and make up. This photo is from my camera and it's not finished well but I was so impatient to show it to you that decided to post it here right now! Hope you like it!:) More pictures and a short story about my outfit come soon! Stay tuned.

Monday, October 05, 2009

I need your HELP!Going to Barcelona.

This week I'm going to Barcelona for several days and I'll be very happy if you give me some addresses of nice cafes/restaurants and vintage shops or interesting local designer's shop there.Thank you!

Sunday, October 04, 2009


If you look at my header you can see that I like everything russian(I'm proud of the cultural heritage of my country) when it comes to photo shoots and style. All photo shoots in russian style remind me of matreshka-the standard of russian beauty. I'm lucky enough to have quite slavic appearance(though I have also georgian roots) and I'm dreaming about some items to create very russian look for this winter- red boots, fur hat and so on. I'm delighted with Kenzo fall-winter 10 collection- Antonio Marras feels russian spirit very well( the campaigh is also one of the best of this season among other brands).
Here is a photo that I really like and that I think can inspire you- I like the idea of creating russian look of items that are not in russian style. This photo is from the most popular Saint-Petersburg's magazine Sobaka Ru. For my opinion this magazine has a great potential and sometimes they make quite nice photo shoots but OMG I'm so tired of all the same faces there- in every issue you see only the faces of the team and their friends-nothing new!
P.S. I'm going to make very russian present (a true fashionista will be delighted with it)for one of my readers so stay tuned and wait for the give-away that will be soon!