Monday, March 30, 2009

total black-Links à la Mode

This is how my outfit looked today. It was an ordinary day at university and I also visited my tailor because she asked me to make some accessories for her customers. My class-mate told me that I looked like a famous ukrainian politician Julia Timoshenko and he was begging me to make a hair style like she has.'s a good idea because I really like her hair style and my hair are long enough for it and I'm sure that I can pull it off.Today I was wearing very thin black tights for the first time in the last two years I think. I realize now that they are much more sexy than thick tights and that I'm already sick of thick tights.

Coat-Andrew Mackenzie

Saturday, March 28, 2009


All my thoughts lately are about my PROM this summer-as I told you before I graduate from the university. PROM is a special event for all girls I think because it's a day when you want to look and feel like a princess and when you want to show all your class-mates and others how beautiful you are. I decided to show you my photos from my school PROM and when I was looking through them I was shocked because I realized that four years have past since that day. So here you can see some photos from the time whe I was young and light-hearted.(I'm 17 on these photos)
I like looking what dresses girls choose for their PROM because you always can see personality through the dress.So I decided to make a tag and ask five girls to show their PROM photos.

So the rules are:

1)choose your three fave photos from your school PROM
2)explain why you have chosen that dress and where did you get it
3)tag five other girls

I tag: Alice Point, Doe Deere Blogazine, Eyes of me, The cherry blossom girl, The Freelancer's Fashionblog

I've never been an adherent of minimalism so for my school PROM I was wearing Just Cavalli silk dress with some abstract pattern and I had some peacock
feathers in my hair(too bad you can't see it on the photos) and I was very very suntanned.

me and my class-mates


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good mood and today's outfit

Today I was a little bit more cheerful and I wanted to wear something nice to my university.My dear friend made this hair style for me. I like it so much but unfortunately I can't do it myself because my hair are too long.So here is my today's outfit. The sun is shining almost every day and life is getting better!
And I have some news-may be I'll be working as a style adviser quite soon.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A week ago I was working at one photo shoot with my friend and I was doing make up for her. We had only one hour at the photo studio but I think that the result is quite nice.Here are just two photos but I like them most of all.

I don't know why but I just have no energy lately and I don't want to do anythig at all. May be it's some kind of beriberi. Because of that I have no desire for dressing up or something like this.So now I have no photos of my outfits to show you. How sad...And by the way, I'm already sick of my empty header and I'm thinking about something really beautiful for it.Another problem for me now is that i'm thinking about my PROM dress because in June I graduate from my university. I have many ideas but i'm very nervous because I want to look absolutely perfect.

Friday, March 20, 2009

tips: flawless skin

If you look at some person and think that he/she is beautiful be sure that 50% of such impression depends on how smooth and fresh his/her skin looks. It may be obvious but not all of us remember such simple rules of skin care:

-sleep well(we all like watching blogs and so on till late hours but our skin restores while we sleep so you need at list 8-9 hours of healthy sleep if you don't want to look like a ghost in the morning)

-don't overdo with alcohol (we all like parties but try not to drink too much because alcohol harms your liver and your skin health depends a lot on you liver condition. If you can't have fun without alco it's better to drink red wine)

-don't smoke( I think I don't have to explain why)

-eat right food: vegetables, fruits and fish(it containes Omega3)

-drink a lot of water(it cleans all your organism)

-take vitamins: Omega 3, Vitamin A and E and other conbined vitamins.

-do sport and go for a walk to take some fresh air(it improves blood circulation and your skin becomes more fresh and glowing)

-don't stress too much and find some ways to relax( stress makes your skin old)

-clean your skin properly twice a day. You should use at least three things every day- purifying lotion( I use Kenzoki-Smooth bamboo water and I really can reccomend it to you), cleansing foam(I use Biotherm or Clinique) or gel and moisturizing cream(I use Biotherm- Biopur). And please don't try to save on these things! Hey!It's your face after all-the most visible part of your body! Twice a week you should also use some exfoliant to refresh your skin(I use Lancome-Smoothing Exfoliating cream for a long time already and I really like it).It would be great if you use some moisturizing and ceansing masks sometimes(Kenzoki also has a great Energisant face mask).

- take sun-baths(you take vitamin D from it. But don't overdo with it because few minutes per week in solarium makes your skin beautiful and more makes it old. I think you don't want to have wrinkles in your early age)

-If you have really serious skin problems then go to a cosmetologist and a doctor( you may have serious problems with your health and your skin shows it)

So that's all! I hope you take care of yourself and stay beautiful!
Do you have any beauty secrets?

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Birthday-girls just wanna have fun!

me and my sweety

21 candles

unique cake

hookah is my weakness

I think we are a nice couple :)

I thought such coincidences can be only in movies!My dress is tailoed and my friend's dress is bought via internet(we don't have Acne in Saint-Petersburg)

me and my dear friend Julia

Me and my girls.We are singing "diamonds are the best girl's friends"!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!I'm 21 now...damn..quite old I am...kidding!)))
Today I'm going to celebrate my birthday with my family and a great party with friends is planned for Saturday! Presents, champagne, birthday cake...mmmm....
And now I have to go and choose my outfit for university because I want to look really gorgeous today!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

happy birthday sister!

Today we were celebrating my sister's birthday at my mother's restaurant and it was really funny: clouns, tricks, hens, rabbits, rats...etc. I was very glad to see my relatives all together.There was such a warm and cordial climate.

Me and my sister(she is 12 now)

The cutest one

"Happy birthday Maria!"

It was really a masterpiece!This cake was made according to my sister's sketch of cake of her dream.

Today I was wearig my new fave head band and I got lots of compliments.I'm crazy about blue lately as you can see.

Head band: Featherbrain
Blouse: Formul@
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Topshop
Shoes: 69

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Today I had a nice evening with my dear friends. We watched "Bride wars" and had some drinks at our favourite cafe. Unfortunately I didn't take photos of my outfit because my camera really sucks! I was dressing up very fast but when I was ready I realized that I was looking like Blair Waldorf!OMG!I think I shouldn't watch Gossip girl so much.haha. I was wearing black skirt with tulip shape,silk white blouse with bow and cobalt blue tights. I wanted to add some colour to my outfit so I added cobalt blue(tights), orange(head band) and crimson(lips).

Sunday, March 01, 2009

inspired by these children of spring

Today is the first day of spring!My congratulations!The nature is starting to change and our lives too. I couldn't resist and bought these adorable tulips for myself. I was so inspired by their amazing colour that I decided to repaint my nails.