Sunday, May 30, 2010

why so serious?

Hi guys! I'm so glad I can make at least one new post for you! I wanted to show you all my looks from the Aurora fashion week so here is one of them. I was wearing that outfit for the opening to watch the movie "Marc Jacobs&Louis Vuitton". I was a bit angry because none of my friends was able to go with me to watch the film so my face is very serious and funny on this photo. I was wearing a vintage dress, my fave old Louis Vuitton bag,pink Topshop tights with hearts and Carvela shoes.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hi guys!I have not so good news for you.My computer is dead so I have no idea when it will be possible to fix it and when I'll be able to make a new post.I have many photos from the fashion week to show but they all are caught in that broken laptop :( don't forget about me!I'll be back soon with many posts! Thank you for your attention. Xoxo,Nataly.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aurora fashion week-Manish Arora

I've already told you that I was going to attend some shows on Aurora fashion week so yesterday was Manish Aroras show. I think I should tell you about that day in general because it was absolutely fun and crazy! First was Manish Aroras show that I was waiting for a very long time and the collection was just fantastic as always but I was disappointed because there were only five models!!!Too little!I guess that they didn't manage to bring all the outfits for some reasons.Anyway you can see some photos from the show.I'd like you to pay attention to the make up-it was just brilliant for my opinion-girls looked like some unbelievable aliens. After the show we went to have a dinner to some place(Teplo) where we met Bryanboy! I must say that he is a true sweetheart! Very friendly and funny. It was great to see him here in Saint-Petersburg because he was giving very international spirit to all the events. After the dinner we went to the Face Hunter book presentation and I asked Ivan Rodic a few questions-it was interesting to hear his own thoughts about style in general.(going to purchase his book for my collection later.I already have The Sartorialist book) After the book presentation we moved to the pub to watch a football match with my friends and after that.....we moved to a new gay club where the aurora fashion week afterparty took place!And I met Bryanboy there again and we chatted a bit. It was fun to see how my hetero friends were confused there))) and I met Manish Arora in that club and told him how I like his designs and that I was waiting to see his collection in SPb for a long time-and you know what? he is so shy!Such a lovely man. So it was a very memorable day!thank you,my friends. And noooow...sone eye candy for you,my readers!:) Stay tuned-I have some more outfits from the fashion week to post here.
I was wearing a vintage dress, Topshop shoes and a clutch from H&M that day.

before the show

my friend Kate with a beautiful braid

Manish Arora-collection F/W 2010/2011

with my friend Valery

going to the dinner

at the Teplo

with Bryanboy!bloggers power!lol

haha!I have a funny pose)) Bryan is so small!was just trying to be as him)))

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what is going on lately

Hi, my dears! I know that you haven't heard from me for ages so I decided to tell you briefly what is going on in my life lately instead of making just a beauty or a fashion post.
♥ we have a wonderful weather for quite a long time lately(like a true summer) and my fave things now are spending time walking around the town(usually alone) or sitting at the terraces of some nice cafes with my friends
♥I will have exams soon so I have to do a lot of tasks for the university
♥Unfortunately my spring is passing without one special person because he is not in the city now
♥I need to think a lot about the interior design now because I need to refresh my flat and find some nice ideas for my new room at my parents house!(yahoo!I like the idea of having my own room there-that makes me truly feel myself as a part of this family)
♥I really miss blogging and I understand that you are a bit angry at me because of rare posting(I also don't like to click to some blog and see nothing new there),but I'm too busy now(I don't even have time for cleaning my flat so it looks like a total mess and сhaos now!need to do something with it ASAP!)
♥AND ONE REALLY IMPORTANT THING!(related to fashion btw)-I'm getting VERY proud of my city lately because we have so many great events this month! Today started Aurora Fashion Week wich is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation(good funding has a significant impact for the level of the events)so I was just amazed by the names that they managed to bring to Saint-Petersburg-Damir Doma, Mary Katrantzou,David Koma, Bernhard Willhelm(I'm going to attend his show tomorrow),some others...AAAAAAAAND!!!one of the best -Manish Arora!!!Can you believe this?????!!! I can call him one of my fave designers ever because he always manage to impress me. Honestly, I'm not interested in designers that make their collections only in dull monochromatic colors because for me they are boring to death, and Manish Arora being a hindu was never afraid of color and unusual shapes. So this Saturday I'm going to attend his show!!!I'm soooooo happy!Just want to squall of joy!!! and some other news! Bryanboy is in Saint-Petersburg now! I was so surprised to see him today when i came to the cinema to watch "Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton" movie! And the last thing! We have the opening of Face Hunters exhibition this week!What a nice news!And Yvan Rodic is going to present his book himself! All these great changes and events make me believe that Saint-Petersburg has a chance to become one of the worlds fashion capitals some day.The best things come when you don't expect them :)
P.S. And here I decided to show you an ordinary photo of my casual outfit because I know that you miss my outfit posts. I'll try my best to take pictures of everything I'm going to wear for the fashion week! See you soon!:)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

you don't even care to care

Gooooorgeous!Just gorgeous!Pure inspiration for a femme fatale ;) Great lyrics by the way.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm about to give you away for someone else to take

One of the strongest songs by No Doubt and one of my fave. And Gwen is just fantastic in this video because she is full of energy and so rock. LOVE

make up obsession-Liberty of London for MAC

Here are some of my latest purchases. To buy some beauty products with a nice package is one of the easiest ways to cheer me up. I must say that I'm very content with all these products and I think that Liberty of London collection for MAC is one of the best limited collections that were made for MAC. All the colors are very unusual and the textures are really perfect-from the lip gloss to the blush. If you have MAC in your city you should hurry up because this collection is sold out quiсkly. Another fave produсt is Bad Gal mascara by Benefit-the best mascara I've ever had-it covers and makes longer every eyelash.
MAC blush-"Summer rose"(perfect for every day make up)
MAC lip gloss-"English accents"(looks like a liquid lipstick with very moisturizing formula)
MAC nail polish-"Blue India"(looks like different colors from green to grey and blue with different light and looks great with jeans)
Bad gal mascara by Benefit(just WOW effect)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

from jet setter to backpacker

I'm finally back from China! Thanks God!!!All of you know about the ash cloud that caused a lot of problems for those who travel by plane. So my flight was one of that million canceled flights. As a result I've spent 10 days in Beijing instead of planned week and my way back home took 5 days by train Beijing -Moscow instead of 8 hours by plane in business class.WOW. Travelling by train during 5 days is not very glamorous way to travel as you guess so from jet setter I turned into backpacker. Unpredictable metamorphosis:) I have loads and loads of amazing photos from my trip but I think that I need to brake them into different themes to show them to my dear readers. This can take some time but believe me, you should see that!:) Anyway I'm with you again and I have a lot of ideas and materials for curious posts! Stay tuned my dears!And thank you for your attention! it always makes my day!