Monday, October 06, 2008

autumn is everywhere

Now you can feel autumn everywhere,the weather here is very strange-rain and sun,sun and rain. I realy get bored of it because it's hard to choose what to wear. Last days my red chucks are my best friends-my lectures at university start at 9 am every day and i'm so sleepy at this time that i have no power to wear heels or dress up carefuly. I'm an owl(i go to bed late and wake up late) so nothing is interesting for me in the morning -even fashion and clothes)))I know-chucks are a little bit boring, but i try to add some accessories to my outfit to make it more cheerful.

This pics are made 2 days ago-my b-friend and I we went for a walk to one big park because the weather was extremely sunny and the level of my mood was very high. We made some photos, but I've forgot to recharge a battery for my camera so we made just 5 or 7 photos. Anyway that day was very nice and interesting because we spent a good time with my b-friend and with my friend Yaroslava from Switzerland in the evening. She brought me pastries with different tastes (in France they call them "macaroni") Mmmmm...yami-yami!))))

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