Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Встречают по одежке

Hi dears!I hope all my foreign readers had a lovely Christmas! We russians are mostly orthodox so we celebrate Chistmas on the 7th of January and it's not celebrated so widely in my country because of our hard history-the Soviet period was absolutely atheistic and all religious holidays were abolished. New Year is celebrated in Russia so much more and it's just crazy here on the New Year's eve! Now I spend all my spare time looking for the best presents for my relatives, friends and of course my beloved person! One of my fave things before the New Year's eve is packing presents! I always do it myself and every time I use all my imagination for this. My younger sister is an Alice in Wonderland fan and she adores everything related to it! I had so much fun packing her present-it started with magic muchrooms that I cut myself from different types of paper and ended like this even with a self-drawn Cheshire cat! I'm not sure that putting the words as "eat me" near the magic mushrooms is legal but anyway the result is great for my opinion and the present looks very personal.
Happy holidays to everyone!
P.S. Don't be lazy and make the presents you give look really special by using you hands and some imagination.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Inspire me!

I'm looking for some new blogs and some fresh inspiration! If you have a blog leave your blog's address in the comments and also tell few words about it's content and why I should read it. Five best blogs(for my opinion) will be published here.

Monday, December 20, 2010

We have changed but we're still the same

I'm so in love with this video. I think it's one of the best told and most beautyful love stories in music video category. Can say that it's a song of my day. I remembered this song because I watched a film "Somewhere" by Sofia Coppola all alone today and have heared it in that film.
Hope you had a nice weekend because I did! And now just enjoy the video!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a little occasion

It's winter now,it's cold and it's hard to be a good blogger now with loads of outfit posts and I stay all day at home today because we have disturbances in the center of the city and I'm a bit scared. I don't have much to say to you now so just wanted to show some fun photos from the day I went to my hair dresser. I realised that it's always some kind of occasion for me. I asked him to show me some hair style that I can make myself-here is one of them(quite extreme though).
PS:photos are made with Iphone so the quality is not perfect,sorry. I don't wear any make up on these photos so I look like a child.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

todays outfit

(Wearing: sweater-vintage; skirt-Zara; boots-Ugg's;scarf-Victoria couture)

I know that I didn't post any of my outfits for a long time so here it is! I think you guess why I can't take photos now-it is getting dark so early! Honestly I hate making photos with flash but it's better like this than nothing. I'm wearing my new coral Ugg's. Most of fashionistas hate Ugg's but with such severe winters(when it's -20C outside) like we have in Russia you can't survive in your super-trendy-fashion-boots and for my opinion the most unfashionable thing is a person suffering from cold.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

keep in touch with me

So I'm finally back from Beijing where I went for work. Now I have to put together my thoughts and start to please you with my posts more frequently. First I wanted to share my contacts with you because some of you may be curious about some things.
So you can find me here:
FORMSPRING (ask me anything you want)
TWITTER (some of my thoughts)
FACEBOOK (we can chat there)
EMAIL ME- natalyromashko@yahoo.com