Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday my friend brought me sunflowers!It was so unexpected and so nice!Thank you!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Two das ago we were celebrating my friend's birthday at one very nice place called "Happiness"- it's a new restaurant in Saint-Petersburg with very interesting cuisine and cozy atmosphere(light interior and angels everywhere). I had my make up artist courses that day before going to birthday and my teacher told me that i looked like Barby because I wore very fluffy skirt.

PS: Without flash my outfit looked better.

Skirt-my design

jewellery-H&M, flea market

shoes-Zara ; clutch-from Spain

Stupid "in" and "out"

Every month on the last page of russian BAZAAR you can find the trends that are "in"and "out"-that is the most stupid thing that I've ever seen!
Some examples:
(if you wear ear-rings you're just unfashionable!))))
"in"-reading books in original, "out"-reading translated books
(I'm a student of the philological faculty and my speciality is italian language and literature. I speak italian ,french and english quite well but even for me it's very hard to read books in original, so I hardly can imagine how many people are able to follow this trend.)
"in"-chiuaua dog, "out" -yorkshire terier
(so what?! If you have yorkshire terier you have to kill it and buy another dog that is "In"?!)
Every month my boy-friend and I we laughing at this "in" and "out" list, but it is too stupid though to be published in fashion magazine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008