Tuesday, November 30, 2010

inspiration-beautiful hands

I always pay attention to the hands when I look at some person.Hands can tell a lot about a person-his/her social status, his habits,his age,how much he cares about his body and many other things.For some reason this part of body is very important for me so I take care of my own hands and I feel naked when I don't have nail polish on my nails so they are always painted. What I am looking for now-some nice big rings but the problem is that the most beautiful and bold are usually pretty expensive. Anyway good costume jewellery is a right thing to invest in your wardrobe so if you know any online stores wich sell nice high quality rings-let me know please!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lanvin♥H&M hunting

Today Lanvin ♥ H&M collection hit the stores in Russia. I was waiting for this day and saving some money because I loved almost every piece from this collection. Must say that this collaboration surprised me pleasantly for some reasons:
-high quality of the pieces(though they cost much for H&M(from 160euro for a dress) they worth that money)
-good organisation(no fights,no crush and very helpful shop assistants)
-really nice design(though I didn't expect other from Lanvin)
I came to the store about 1 pm and got a bracelet with the time on it when I could see the collection and it wasn't a problem to take and try on many pieces(unfortunately or fortunately(you guess why) I looked like a big cake in some of the dresses) but finally my hunting was quite successful-I got three pieces-a t-shirt, a dress and a necklace (exactly as I planed).
Here are some details of what I got.
Some pieces I tried on

PS:I had a strange feeling when I went out of the store with my purchases-I felt like a sheep that fell for a good advertising and bought the same dress as other 100 girls in my city but that feeling didn't last long because at home I saw how good-looking I am in that dress and how perfect it would be to wear it for the New Year's eve.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion Forecast-the beginning

Some people are lucky to have a good intuition and I guess that I'm among them. Quite frequently I have premonitions about what is going to be popular trendy or name it like you want. My premonitions about fashion are usually exepressed in an intolerable desire to own something. I had this feeling long time before veils became trendy and appeared in all magazines and street fashion stores. I don't know how that idea appeared in my head because I even didn't see any photos(for example retro) with veils before that moment but I was dreaming about that piece so hard that I digged Etsy all over to find at least some vintage veils because I couldn't find any here in SPb. My aim was achieved and I got some vintage black veil from Etsy and made some head piece with a bow,veil and even spots(I cut them out of velvet fabric) but I faced another problem-where I can go with this beauty on my head and not to be taken for a mad person?! Unfortunately that amazing head piece didn't see the light much(except one fun photo shoot-the photo above was made then)but anyway I was happy because then I realised-I have a good fashion intuition.

I was bearing an idea of a number of Fashion Forecast posts from that time and finally I know what I can present to you, my dear readers. It's just an experiment but I think that for a fashion blogger it's important to have intuition and to share it with others because nowadays bloggers become trendsetters.

Stay tuned because this week I'm going to make my first post with some fresh fashion forecast!

PS: I know that you are lazy sometimes to comment here(as sometimes I am) but it would be nice if you comment what you think about the idea of Fashion Forecast posts.



Tuesday, November 09, 2010

some pics of my ordinary life

(1-was cleaning my old Vogue(from the begining of 00's) magazines from the dust lately,2-my alienistic amarilis that my mother brought me from Amsterdam is going to bloom soon,3-my cat loves flowers that my darling brings for me,4-my breakfast made of my two fave products-mozzarella and avocado)

Saturday, November 06, 2010


On the 23 of November I'm going to wake up really early and I think you guess why. All fashionistas of SPb are going for hunting.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween-Queen of Spades

I was quite a punk version of Queen of Spades for this Halloween. And yes-I made my dream come true -I dyed my hair pink! More about it later...