Wednesday, October 08, 2008

nail problems

I'm realy crazy about nail polishes and i'm going to show you my collection some day because it's realy nice and huge! If you like nail polishes it's very important to take care about your nails but i see very often one thing that i can't understand....i have two favourite blogs of very stylish girls-they have taste,they dress up very feminine but....hey girls whats up with your nails????!!!!!if your nail polish is chipped you have to remove it! Any outfit looks awful if you have such nails! I can understand only when girls wear black chipped nails because it's some kind of punk culture. But hey!not red or something else and not with such clothes! Or may be it's a special trend among fashionistas?


  1. I like it when my nails look perfect, but I also just don't mind it when my nailpolish is chipped you know. Maybe because I like imperfection, or maybe just because I won't take the time to polish them every two days...

  2. sorry if I offended you.Anyway I like your style very much!) It's just my opinion. I like imperfection too but in other things.