Thursday, January 28, 2010

follow me

Hi guys!I'm out of blogging for the vacation. If you want to know what is going on in my life you can follow me on twitter:) See you soon! I'm going to make many great posts after the vacation. Stay tuned:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

in my perfect world...

I have one secret to tell you... I'm a big dreamer!:)I'm sure that everyone imagines sometimes how could his/her perfect world look like. So do I sometimes. Looking through the prism of blogs my own perfect world would look something like this:
♥ All people in the streets and in the subway would look like people from StockholmStreetStyle- nice,healthy-looking, well-groomed,stylish and with strong personality ♥ My days and partys would look childish, careless and crazy like Sandra's from Noitefelem ♥ My shoes would be like from Sea of Shoes ♥ My meals would be appetizing like from Clara's blog ♥ My make up would be bright and bold as Xenia's from DoedeereBlogazine ♥ My work would be creative and interesting like Glamourai's P.S. I advice you to visit these blogs because they really make my day sometimes so I think they can inspire you for a beautiful life too:)
P.P.S. And how would your perfect world look like if we are talking about blogs?:)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

NY night outfit

Hi ,guys!As I promised I post some photos of my NY outfit here. As a hair style I've chosen a hair bow that I was dreaming about for a long time already and New Year party was a great event for it. Who could know that it would be so hard to make such hair style with my oh so long hair- in the middle of the process my hairdresser was about to give up but then I gave her one advice how to make it more easy and she managed to make everything right.
at my mother's place

(dress-Selected, earrings-Vintage, tights-Topshop, shoes-Zara)

with my gals

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

and the winner is...

Hi guys!Sorry that I didn't announce the winner of the giveaway on the 11th of January but I really had a lot of problems with my computer that were bad not only for my blog but also for my preparing for the exams. Now everything is ok so I hope I'll post more often here.It wasn't hard to choose the winner because the most diligent was Bailey! My congratulations ,Bailey!!!Your sketches are great!:) In few days I'll send the prize to you-in the package you'll find many nice things(I'll show them here later).

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Going to see Avatar today. Dreamy mood.


First of all-Happy New Year to all my readers! I wish you to have a sense of fairy tale this year!
Well, for me it was a great NY night-first with my relatives and lots of yummy meals, then I went to club to meet all my best friends(I love you all!) and dance like crazy and the rest of the night was also very nice:)
For me a new year means a new life and it really looks like a new one- the end of 2009 was quite hard for me and it has brought lots of changes-bad and good at once. So 2010 have to be some special and unpredictable year for me - hope it'll bring only good things to me. I have many goals for this year that I want to reach and improving my blog is one of them. I'm going to cheer you up with my outfits more often and give you as much inspiration as I can. Thank you for reading my blog this year! Have a good time! Love you all.
P.S. Don't forget about the give-away
and hurry up- it will end on the 11th of January!
More photos from the NY party later!