Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today I bought a new issue of Grazia magazine.I turned few pages and saw Misha Barton. My first reaction was- what the f*ck??!! And you know why? The reason was that at first sight I thought that it was Renee Sturme from Fashion Fillers!!!I know that fashion blogs have a great influence to the world of fashion now but I haven't seen before that stars can be so shameless that they copy quite famous bloggers. I thought that it was just a coincidence and only my opinion but when I have shown this picture to my friend and asked "don't you think that she looks here like someone else?" she exclaimed "Renee!". Almost everything reminds of Renee's style- hair, large quantity of thin bracelets and rings, dress wich looks like vintage,burgundy tights(if you look through Renee's blog sometimes you can notice that she likes burgundy tights), even background!!!! This sounds incredibly but I don't belive that there can be such coinidences! and YES!Even stars copy fashion bloggers!Check out Renee's outfits at lookbook and you'll understand that i'm right.

I don't have a scanner now so the quality of photo is not so good. On the real picture the colour of Misha's tights is the same as on Renee's photo.Her dress is made of white lace.Renee's dress has very similar lace. White lace+burgundy's almost a plagiarism!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

red as blood , grey as clouds

Today I watched the last series of Gossip Girl and it makes me really sad. Gossip girl is like a sweet dream that ends with the last series and then you must realize that reality has nothing in common with this magic world of beauty,love, parties and wealthy life.It seems like Garance wrote about my thoughts some time ago.
As you can see Blair is my fave character. It's not only because of her outstanding outfits. She is so funny, so sarcastic , so majestic and so naive at the same time that she charms you right away.

Some days ago I bought some fabrics- the red one and the grey are for dresses( I hope my tailor will be able tmake them in time) because ....I have my birthday quite soon (11 of March.hurrah!) and I need a unique and gorgeous dress for it.If you want to congratulate me you can send me cards to: Romashko Natalia. Russia,Saint-Petersburg,Italianskaja st.,29,flat 15, 191011. haha)) I don't expect anything but anyway...

I also bought some fabrics for my DIY project. I'll tell you about it later.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today I watched "Confessions of a shopaholic" with my dear friend Julia. This film cheered me up so much! Bright colours, nice music, and very cute main heroine that charms you with her spontaneity.I'm afraid that my purse can become very thin after this film. Today I saw two pairs of very nice shoes by the way...may be...?))))
Here is my today's outfit. The weather is terrible and it's very slippery outside but I was brave enough to wear heels.

Tights with polka dots-Calzedonia
Bag-Louis Vuitton
Headband-bought in Spain

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


first day-drunk bathing(air+15 ; water +40)

tasty food all the time


Cool zoo( oh!i fell in love with them!)


Beautiful nature. Studded tree(from Marbella)

Very romantic photo shoot. Model-my friend Kate. Photographer-me.

incredibly beautiful sunrise the day we left.

All pictures are taken by me and by my friend. Don't use them without my permission please.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

my first working experience

I 've already told you that I was working as a make up artist/stylist at a photo shoot for a spring campaign for my mother's shop. Every season they make a contest to choose a new face for the campaign so every girl can send her photos and tell some words about herself. They usually choose a girl that has a nice appearance and a rich inner life. This time Svetlana became a face of spring campaign- she is very cheerfull and nice person and it was a pleasure to deal with her. Unfortunately I didn't make photos without make up so I show you how she looks in real life without make up made by profi like me)) the pictures are not so perfect because they are not edited at all and honestly I didn't like the photographer. But anyway I like these photos. I must say that it was a hard work because all 5 hours spent at the photographic studio I was helping also as assistant and adjusting hair and make up all the time so I couldn't take a seat even for a minute.



It was important to make her look natural and pretty.The photo shoot was about sea style so I made her a little bit more tanned with bronze pouder and used different shades of gold for eyes.

How do you like my work? I really want to know your opinion.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Streetstyle fave

Perfect fur hat(I was looking for something like this all around the UFF in Helsinki, but all fur hats were too small for me or too dishevelled) and lovely colours.

This photo is from

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm finally back!

I'm finally back and trying to get used to my country because it's such a big difference between Russia and Europe...
This trip was just brilliant! Now I want to tell you about it in brief:

Helsinki- it was cool there as always and I feel like i'm at home there because I always stay at my boyfriend's mother place. One thing I noticed this time- people in Helsinki are so different( I mean style)! and it's so great! My motto was "I shop till I drop"

Stockholm-this city is very very cool and shopping there is great, but we had just few hours to spend there so I coudn't get to know it well. But the best thing about Stockholm is incredibly stylish people. I wanted to take photos of many of them , but I didn't have my camera unfortunately...sorry.

Spain(Marbella)- +20 in february- I think it's just a paradise on earth! Everything is great there-weather,shopping(so so cheap!) and the best thing! We were cooking something extremely tasty every evening.

I had some problems with my camera so I was taking pictures with my friend's camera. I have loads of photos wich I want to put in groups and show them to you.

Latest news: 1)when I came back I found out that two packages from Paraphernalia and Featherbrain were waiting for me on the post! I was so so happy to get them! the things are just incredibly beautiful and unusual. I've got a necklace and a headband(I love headbands not less than Blair Waldorf does!haha). I'll show them to you when I'll be ready to wear them.
2)On friday I have to do styling for spring campaign for my mothers shop so tomorrow I have to meet with the model to try different make up. I promise to show you photos from it later!