Tuesday, December 29, 2009

let it snow ,let it snow,let it snow...may be enough?

A shovel is a must have in Saint-Petersburg now.I think I don't need to explain why I don't post my outfits now))
Can you guess what car is it?))poor owner!

the view from my window to my yard- the layer of snow is so thick(about 1,5 metres) that even the benches and the lanterns are buried under it.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

today's mood

She has stolen my heart! Her voice is so tender, her songs are so touching and her videos are so cute! And she is russian by the way! I advise you to find some of her other songs-especially Laughing With ,Better and Apres moi.They are sooo sweet!

Friday, December 25, 2009

in search of new year's dress

Last weekend I went for one day trip to Helsinki with my friends just for fun. Since I had only about one hundred euro with me I had only one aim-to buy some dress for New years party. So I was lucky enough to find very nice and versatile dress by Selected that was appropriate for my low budget. The dress is quite simple but some bold hairstyle can create a great look.I already have an integral image in my head how I want to look like for NY party-I also made a sketch of it like I do sometimes(I'll show you some of my ugly sketshes and real photos of my outfits later). I must say that my country is the only country where NY is celebrated more than Christmas-all that you do for Christmas we do for NY. During the Soviet Union our government was extremely atheistic and it was trying to exterminate all traditions and holidays that refered to religion. So here we are- NY is much more important in Russia than Christmas.By the way as Russia is orthodox we have Christmas only on the 7th of January that I'm going to celebrate with my family and tasty meals. All of you have great days now and we are only preparing for the upcoming holidays. Anyway I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS, my catholic fellows!:) Have a great time!
Here are some photos from Helsinki. We were so tired after quite difficult travelling and shopping that we have taken just few photos at the cafe in Stockmann.

desperately hungry Julia))

P.S. Don't forget about the giveaway that I make!I'm waiting for your sketches:)

Friday, December 18, 2009

she leaves me speechless

I'm sure that surrealism was a sourсe of inspiration for her and I like it a lot! This piano is like from the canvas of Salvador Dali. Oh, I'm just speechless!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I told about my plans for the giveaway some time ago and finally I have time to make it so don't miss it!:) You have a chance to win some interesting items in RUSSIAN STYLE! As I like drawings a lot I decided that it would be nice if you make them for me to win some great things. You can use any of my photos and make a drawing of it that can be suitable for the header of my blog.

So to enter this GIVEAWAY you just need to:
1) Choose any of my photos and make drawing(s) of it that can be suitable for the header of my blog( you can use any technique for the drawing that you like).

2) Send it to my mail before the 11th of January (fashionista01@mail.ru) and name the letter RUSSIAN GIVEAWAY so I can see that you entering the contest and it's not some kind of spam.Don't forget to write your name in the letter.

3) Wait for the results that I'll announce on the 11th of January!So you have a month from now on to create something amazing and win!:)

GOOD LUCK! Use your imagination!:)

back to origins

Here are some photos that were made for the winter canpaign of Romashka shop. I was working as a stylist/make up artist for this campaign so you can easily see in it my obsession with russian culture that I have lately. If you live in Saint-Petersburg you can visit this shop and cheer yourself up with colorful nice clothes.

Make up-me
Model-Karina Ignatieva

Friday, December 04, 2009

scandinavian blonde

Today I've finally dyed my hair.I always only highlight my hair because they are so long that if I dye them comletely It can make them weak. I was making them goldish for quite a long time because my skin was tanned but now I like pale, porcelain skin so for the first time I decided to give a "cold" shade to my hair because it looks better with pale skin. I also had a new hairdresser today that is quite famous in my city. Though I'm quite satisfied with the result I think that my previous hairdresser(he was working with my hair for 7 years already) was better because the new one 1) is too expensive, 2) too slow(4 hours is TOO much!), 3) he didn't work with my hair gently and this it is very important for me. So I think that next time I'll go to my fave old hairdresser.
Sorry for such low quality photos-just wanted to show you my new color. I also colored my nails with a new matte nail polish from OPI-i love it!