Wednesday, October 29, 2008

weird day

I had quite a weird day it's getting dark very early here so it's dark almost 24/7. It doesn't make me happy at all...because today I was so sleepy that I missed all my lessons!

Sorry that I don't show you any outfits lately,the reason is that I have a bad mood and I don't dress up carefully so I can't show you anything special.Just few things make me happy:

1-my flowers(when i see them it seems that it's not fall now)

2-i will dye my hair very soon!(when it's so dark and rainy outside i need something light)

3-now we have more difficult and more interesting tasks at my make up courses.

Monday, October 27, 2008

my interior

3-bathroom(love orchids!)
4-chandelier in bedroom
5-bedroom(i like silk)

Friday, October 24, 2008


A year ago I customized this pair of chuks. I'd like to know what you think about it.

pieces of life

Here are some old photos that I love so so much!

1-love it because it looks so retro!(photo is from my trip ti Milan-my birthday)

2-love this one bacause I look so relaxed and happy here!Oh!and that Lamborgini behind me was just awesome!(also from Milan(via Montenapoleone)-girl just can't be unhappy if she is doing shopping!)

3-love it just because it's so cute!we were dresed totaly in black and it looked realy nice(also my birthday 2 years ago(in Saint-Petesburg))

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

today's outfit

Today we were celebrating my b-friend's birthday at one very nice restaurant with oriental cuisine. Here are some photos of my outfit. I think that i'm a lucky girl because all these clothes are from my mothers shop. Usually i wear this coat with a belt but today i felt slack so i just slipped it on. Yesterday i bought these shoes from Topshop-i just couldn't resist!So now i'm broked for this week. I realy need to dye my hair so I'm looking forward to do this! I'll show you pictures later.

Coat,dress,roll-neck-all from my mother's shop
Jewellery-from Spain

Sunday, October 19, 2008

crazy leopard

I decided to post this very very old photo from the last New Year. My outfit was quite crazy and may be a lil' bit slutish,but I realy like it because it was very bright and suitable for a home party like we had. On the photo you can see my bedroom.(i think you have already understood that violet is my favourite colour)
Dress-Zara(very old collection)
Tights-Calzedonia(with flash they seem to be blue but in fact they are violet)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lady Gaga-pure inspiration

Love her crazy suits though they are not wearable at real life.

Her bright pink jacket with big shoulders from "just dance" music video is to die for!

Look at my silly cat

Let me introduce you my cat-her name s Fifa.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

my adorable university

Sometimes i'm extremely tired of my university because I learn 3 languages and I have to keep a huge amount of information in my head and work realy hard,especialy when I pass exams. But when the weather is fine and I have not so much and not so difficult lessons my university is quite a pleasant place, especialy its yard! I haven't ever seen such a nice place near any university! When we have a break music plays, all studets go out to the yard to chat and to take the air. But the most lovely thing that our yard is full of flowers, plants and very interesting statues! You can see some of them on the pictures(my favourites) but it's just few of them(there are 10-15 lovely statues in our yard).

Two days ago me and my b-friend we had our anniversary (we are dating for 2 years already) so he brought me a very unusual bouquet(very nice colours).Thank you my darling!)
P.S. 5 photo-this horned creature is reading "Le petit prince"(oh,he is so dreamy!)
3 photo -this hippo is the cutest animal that I've ever seen!

Monday, October 13, 2008

beautiful people

Oh, people in Sweden are so beautiful!Just look at this girl from StockholmStreetStyle!

Hope I'll visit Stockholm some day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

new eyebrows!

Yesterday I had to pass a test at my make up artist courses-it was quite difficult!I had to dye eyebrows and eyelashes for two persons and then make an eyebrow correction. I was afraid to deal with unknown people because in this case you don't have the right to make a mistake,so I took two of my best friends. What can I say...the second one was more lucky because my hands stoped shaking when I was doing all this for her)))but anyway I did everything well and I was the only one who managed to end this work in time. So I passed this test and I have 5(of 5) for my work!HURRAH!Unfortunately I don't have any photos because I was very tired and I realy didn't have any time to make photos.

But i'm going to show you the horrifying machine that I used.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

nail problems

I'm realy crazy about nail polishes and i'm going to show you my collection some day because it's realy nice and huge! If you like nail polishes it's very important to take care about your nails but i see very often one thing that i can't understand....i have two favourite blogs of very stylish girls-they have taste,they dress up very feminine but....hey girls whats up with your nails????!!!!!if your nail polish is chipped you have to remove it! Any outfit looks awful if you have such nails! I can understand only when girls wear black chipped nails because it's some kind of punk culture. But hey!not red or something else and not with such clothes! Or may be it's a special trend among fashionistas?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


You know that there are a lot of sites about street fashion -from Milan,Stockholm and so on...but my favourite is Hel-looks!Finland is a special country for me because it's very near to my city and i go there very often ,especialy to Helsinki. I like how people dress up there-they look so different from others! They don't think about fashion and trends they have their own style. Hel-looks is also interesting for me because i've seen myself some of these people and it's very fascinating to see the evolution of their style. Today my favourite is Emilia(19)!Oh, she is so gorgeous! Usually I don't like clothes that hide shapes,but i'm crazy about her outfit! It is so elegant and so integral! Her face,make up, hair,coat,bag,scarf-everything is perfect!

Monday, October 06, 2008

autumn is everywhere

Now you can feel autumn everywhere,the weather here is very strange-rain and sun,sun and rain. I realy get bored of it because it's hard to choose what to wear. Last days my red chucks are my best friends-my lectures at university start at 9 am every day and i'm so sleepy at this time that i have no power to wear heels or dress up carefuly. I'm an owl(i go to bed late and wake up late) so nothing is interesting for me in the morning -even fashion and clothes)))I know-chucks are a little bit boring, but i try to add some accessories to my outfit to make it more cheerful.

This pics are made 2 days ago-my b-friend and I we went for a walk to one big park because the weather was extremely sunny and the level of my mood was very high. We made some photos, but I've forgot to recharge a battery for my camera so we made just 5 or 7 photos. Anyway that day was very nice and interesting because we spent a good time with my b-friend and with my friend Yaroslava from Switzerland in the evening. She brought me pastries with different tastes (in France they call them "macaroni") Mmmmm...yami-yami!))))

Friday, October 03, 2008

to be continued...

subject of this composition is "unexplored wilderness"

I have 5 for my work!)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

For my make up artist/stylist courses I had to draw composition in a circle.Honestly, I thought that i can't draw at all))))but now I can't believe that I(!!!) did it! I think my work is just a masterpiece!

PS:it's made by pen.


I can't live without all this stuff!