Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sequins for a party

For a long time already I was dreaming about some sequined thing but all the jackets/dresses/waistcoats,etc. that I've seen were not so good or way too expensive. Actually I was dreaming about some amazing sequined dress like from Balmain's collection-short and sexy. I was trying to find some on Ebay but damn! I just can't understand how it works!And I don't like to place bids because I was outbidded many many times for different reasons! So ,honestly, I just hate Ebay!!!When I want to buy some vintage clothes Etsy is much more easy and pleasant because you don't have to place any bids or wait for a long time-you just find the best thing for you, talk to a nice and attentive seller and voi·là!The dress of your dream arrives in few days or weeks(to my country everything arrives in two or three weeks unfortunately) in it's best condition and beautifully packed. This Friday we were celebrating my friend's Birthday at one night club/bar and I just had no idea what to wear because I was bored of all the clothes that I had for some time already but this problem was solved easily because in the morning I got a notification that my dress that I bought on Etsy some time ago arrived! I wasn't absolutely sure that it would fit me but when I tryed it on...I started dancing!)) It was just...PERFECT! Nice pattern, millions of sequins, great cut, and big shoulder pads!!! A true perfection from 80's! And there were also some other nice things about this package- the super-sweet seller from bittersweetdesign also added very very beautiful earrings as a gift(they are looking amazing with the dress) and all this was packed so neatly!With a nice ribbon and exactly with love! I highly recommend this seller because It was really a pleasure to deal with her and the dress(though it's vintage) was in great condition and almost all the sequins were at their place.
This dress was the best choice for a party and I got many compliments wearing it but of course I always don't manage to take photos of my best outfits so here are just few blurry pictures. Anyway that night was just crazy and after that I had the worst hang-over I've ever had! Ooops. And by the way...I feel a special love to braids lately so I'm looking for different interesting hair styles with braids and start to try them as you see.
I hope you are not too tired of reading all this! Have a great day!:)

Wearing: dress-vintage, shoes-Zara, clutch-Uterqüe, earrings-vintage.


  1. Nataly - thanks for the LOVE! You look amazing in the dress - It is just perfect for you. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Liz

  2. Wow!! What a dress and what a girl in it :)

  3. Your dress is eye catching! I love it!