Tuesday, September 08, 2009

MY OWN FASHION WEEK - Monday( ordinary day at university)

Hi everyone! I have good news for you!:) From this day and till the end of this week I'm going to REFRESH my blog DAILY! I was thinking about making such series of posts for a long time already but I was always too busy to dress up every day or something else. Today I thought-it's right time now!So here is MY OWN FASHION WEEK that will end on Sunday. I decided to make this project(and I'm going to repeat it in the future) because I wanted to motivate muself to dress up every day at least during one week. The weather became so bad that everyday I feel temptation to fit in simple jeans and put on sneaker-I know that it's the most infallible way to lose vitality so I just had to do something to prevent it. So from this day only nice outfits and heels!Especially as I have so many good events this week- my cousins wedding and Julia's birthday!
Stay tuned and check my blog daily for cute outfits and good mood!:)
See ya soon!

body-Wolford, dress,belt-from my mothers shop, trench-H&M,bag-LV,tights-Calzedonia,shoes-Marc Jacobs.
P.S. Yes,my boy-friend is not the best photographer but whatever!
This morning he told me that green tights is a big "no!no!" and that everybody would laugh at me.I'm a person that never listens to someones opinion and I always wear just what I like so I went out this morning being elated and was feeling myself great all day long wearing these "kikimora's,awful" tights)))). I don't like stereotypes.


  1. I love your shoes, and the tights look great. I'm glad you didn't listen to the boyfriend on that one!

  2. oh wow, i love your blog!
    i found you on lookbook and your style is great!

    if you'd check out my blog i'd really appreciate it:

  3. As a male, I much prefer the green tights to the red ones mentioned in a later blog. Some of us are more sensitive. :)

    Nice blog, and I applaud your national pride.

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