Wednesday, September 02, 2009

one sunny day

Today I met with my mates from university to have a dinner and talk about summer vacation and our plans for future. I just love these guys so it was a great day for me-we laugh a lot when we are together. I was also very happy that the weather was fine enough to wear my new vintage dress-I already thought that it would wait till next summer to be shown.

sunglasses-vintage Nina Ricci; dress-vintage; shoes-Carvela; bag-LV


  1. god your friends and yourself are stun. love love love.
    the dress, fab.
    the friends, even more fab'.


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  3. thank you,Christina:)my friends are my riches!

  4. Hey, I wonder what brand of cell phone do you use? Is that popular and stylish iPhone or maybe functional Blackberry or maybe simple Nokia? Does your cell phone suit your style? I think that it might be good topic of your next post or at least a part of it.

  5. to Salwador:
    Interesting question:) Though I pay a lot of attention to the details I don't care too much about technics and I always choose a cell phone for it practical characteristics. I was always choosing Nokia because of it high quality and i was using Nokia N95 for a longtime because it has a great camera and I love taking photos. Now it's broken and I temporarily use very very old Nokia phone.So may be I'll disappoint you but I'm not so stylish and glamorous when it comes to technics ))

  6. Your dress is really pretty! And i like the pink shoes :)