Friday, September 11, 2009


I know I know...I'm a bad girl because i didn't do what I promised and today I can't post any outfit for MY OWN FASHION WEEK. This day was quite saturated-I met with my friends and visited the exhibition of Fabio Viale's works. I just don't have enough words to describe it because his works are absolutely incredible. All of his sculptures are made of marble and they go contrary to all the laws of physics. After the exhibition I went to my mother's shop to fill up my wardrobe.The new collection arrived so I didn't leave with empty hands of course!:) You can see the PHOTOS from the fall campaign for this shop HERE-all the styling and make up for this photo shoot was made by me. I really like the results!And what about you?I really want to know YOUR THOUGHTS:)


  1. I do like the music on the site.
    However, I wish the pictures would be more editorial. My favourite one is from the model on the bridge, here again the clothes can be seen from a new angle)

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. very hard to explain, but since you're going to take classes in photography you'll find out soon :-)

    there is no absolute defintion for this term in photography but generally speaking: "mostly editorial photography illuminates a story" it is more about high fashion, e.g. rarely smiling, strong poses etc. editorial is very often set against "entertainemant"

    hope I could make it clearer


  3. I understand what are you talking about but I must admit that there was some specificity about this photo shoot- all the pictures had to be likely for posters(they were placed in shop windows) so we couldn't make too involved compositions and the style had to be quite casual because the shop is made for vast masses.So this photo shoot was made for advertising and not for a magazine or something like this. So it's just another story :)