Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what is going on lately

Hi, my dears! I know that you haven't heard from me for ages so I decided to tell you briefly what is going on in my life lately instead of making just a beauty or a fashion post.
♥ we have a wonderful weather for quite a long time lately(like a true summer) and my fave things now are spending time walking around the town(usually alone) or sitting at the terraces of some nice cafes with my friends
♥I will have exams soon so I have to do a lot of tasks for the university
♥Unfortunately my spring is passing without one special person because he is not in the city now
♥I need to think a lot about the interior design now because I need to refresh my flat and find some nice ideas for my new room at my parents house!(yahoo!I like the idea of having my own room there-that makes me truly feel myself as a part of this family)
♥I really miss blogging and I understand that you are a bit angry at me because of rare posting(I also don't like to click to some blog and see nothing new there),but I'm too busy now(I don't even have time for cleaning my flat so it looks like a total mess and сhaos now!need to do something with it ASAP!)
♥AND ONE REALLY IMPORTANT THING!(related to fashion btw)-I'm getting VERY proud of my city lately because we have so many great events this month! Today started Aurora Fashion Week wich is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation(good funding has a significant impact for the level of the events)so I was just amazed by the names that they managed to bring to Saint-Petersburg-Damir Doma, Mary Katrantzou,David Koma, Bernhard Willhelm(I'm going to attend his show tomorrow),some others...AAAAAAAAND!!!one of the best -Manish Arora!!!Can you believe this?????!!! I can call him one of my fave designers ever because he always manage to impress me. Honestly, I'm not interested in designers that make their collections only in dull monochromatic colors because for me they are boring to death, and Manish Arora being a hindu was never afraid of color and unusual shapes. So this Saturday I'm going to attend his show!!!I'm soooooo happy!Just want to squall of joy!!! and some other news! Bryanboy is in Saint-Petersburg now! I was so surprised to see him today when i came to the cinema to watch "Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton" movie! And the last thing! We have the opening of Face Hunters exhibition this week!What a nice news!And Yvan Rodic is going to present his book himself! All these great changes and events make me believe that Saint-Petersburg has a chance to become one of the worlds fashion capitals some day.The best things come when you don't expect them :)
P.S. And here I decided to show you an ordinary photo of my casual outfit because I know that you miss my outfit posts. I'll try my best to take pictures of everything I'm going to wear for the fashion week! See you soon!:)

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  1. would love to see some photos from the actual catwalk! i've never heard of those designers before but its always exciting to see something different