Wednesday, May 05, 2010

make up obsession-Liberty of London for MAC

Here are some of my latest purchases. To buy some beauty products with a nice package is one of the easiest ways to cheer me up. I must say that I'm very content with all these products and I think that Liberty of London collection for MAC is one of the best limited collections that were made for MAC. All the colors are very unusual and the textures are really perfect-from the lip gloss to the blush. If you have MAC in your city you should hurry up because this collection is sold out quiсkly. Another fave produсt is Bad Gal mascara by Benefit-the best mascara I've ever had-it covers and makes longer every eyelash.
MAC blush-"Summer rose"(perfect for every day make up)
MAC lip gloss-"English accents"(looks like a liquid lipstick with very moisturizing formula)
MAC nail polish-"Blue India"(looks like different colors from green to grey and blue with different light and looks great with jeans)
Bad gal mascara by Benefit(just WOW effect)

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  1. can i just say - i LOVE benefit cosmetics.. the colours, the marketing everything about it is so loveable! I go the benefit bar to get my eyebrows done and i have to leave with my eyes close so I dont accidentally buy something on my way out :)