Saturday, May 01, 2010

from jet setter to backpacker

I'm finally back from China! Thanks God!!!All of you know about the ash cloud that caused a lot of problems for those who travel by plane. So my flight was one of that million canceled flights. As a result I've spent 10 days in Beijing instead of planned week and my way back home took 5 days by train Beijing -Moscow instead of 8 hours by plane in business class.WOW. Travelling by train during 5 days is not very glamorous way to travel as you guess so from jet setter I turned into backpacker. Unpredictable metamorphosis:) I have loads and loads of amazing photos from my trip but I think that I need to brake them into different themes to show them to my dear readers. This can take some time but believe me, you should see that!:) Anyway I'm with you again and I have a lot of ideas and materials for curious posts! Stay tuned my dears!And thank you for your attention! it always makes my day!


  1. would love to see photos of china!!

    p.s. nice blog and hello from sunny sydney

  2. hey ! nice photo ! :)
    Made in China ;) hehehe I'm so jealous ! I want to go there too