Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aurora fashion week-Manish Arora

I've already told you that I was going to attend some shows on Aurora fashion week so yesterday was Manish Aroras show. I think I should tell you about that day in general because it was absolutely fun and crazy! First was Manish Aroras show that I was waiting for a very long time and the collection was just fantastic as always but I was disappointed because there were only five models!!!Too little!I guess that they didn't manage to bring all the outfits for some reasons.Anyway you can see some photos from the show.I'd like you to pay attention to the make up-it was just brilliant for my opinion-girls looked like some unbelievable aliens. After the show we went to have a dinner to some place(Teplo) where we met Bryanboy! I must say that he is a true sweetheart! Very friendly and funny. It was great to see him here in Saint-Petersburg because he was giving very international spirit to all the events. After the dinner we went to the Face Hunter book presentation and I asked Ivan Rodic a few questions-it was interesting to hear his own thoughts about style in general.(going to purchase his book for my collection later.I already have The Sartorialist book) After the book presentation we moved to the pub to watch a football match with my friends and after that.....we moved to a new gay club where the aurora fashion week afterparty took place!And I met Bryanboy there again and we chatted a bit. It was fun to see how my hetero friends were confused there))) and I met Manish Arora in that club and told him how I like his designs and that I was waiting to see his collection in SPb for a long time-and you know what? he is so shy!Such a lovely man. So it was a very memorable day!thank you,my friends. And noooow...sone eye candy for you,my readers!:) Stay tuned-I have some more outfits from the fashion week to post here.
I was wearing a vintage dress, Topshop shoes and a clutch from H&M that day.

before the show

my friend Kate with a beautiful braid

Manish Arora-collection F/W 2010/2011

with my friend Valery

going to the dinner

at the Teplo

with Bryanboy!bloggers power!lol

haha!I have a funny pose)) Bryan is so small!was just trying to be as him)))


  1. you look great. i love the color of your dress

  2. Manish Arora is one of my favorite designers!! Thanks for sharing this and you look amazing loved the shoes ;)

  3. I really like your outfit,you look perfect!The Topshop wedges are amazing, love the minty colour!What a privilege to be able to visit such an event!

  4. OMG! cant believe you got a photo with Bryanboy! Did you see Facehunter? he is also shooting at Aurora fashion week. I'm so glad that Russia is finally becoming a legit fashion destination!!

  5. In comparison with other fashion events in our city Saint-Petersburg, Aurora Fahion Week was so much better. I think it's to have a great future. I also liked Manish Arora show, the looks and outfits was so alien and eye-catching. So i'm a bit prounder of my city now. Hahah, and Bryanboy was siting right in front of me all the last two shows that day - VivaVox and Arsenicum. He's just as i've imagined him to be. Btw, nice pictures <3
    P.S. How did you like Anton Sevidov posing non the video at the last show?

  6. I loved ur dress and ur choise of accessories!
    However the shoes style is on the casual side net o your choice of clothing, cud have gone for something more dressy..