Sunday, January 03, 2010


First of all-Happy New Year to all my readers! I wish you to have a sense of fairy tale this year!
Well, for me it was a great NY night-first with my relatives and lots of yummy meals, then I went to club to meet all my best friends(I love you all!) and dance like crazy and the rest of the night was also very nice:)
For me a new year means a new life and it really looks like a new one- the end of 2009 was quite hard for me and it has brought lots of changes-bad and good at once. So 2010 have to be some special and unpredictable year for me - hope it'll bring only good things to me. I have many goals for this year that I want to reach and improving my blog is one of them. I'm going to cheer you up with my outfits more often and give you as much inspiration as I can. Thank you for reading my blog this year! Have a good time! Love you all.
P.S. Don't forget about the give-away
and hurry up- it will end on the 11th of January!
More photos from the NY party later!


  1. happy new year dear!love your blog.great phot,can't wait for more!

  2. thank you,darling!stay tuned!:)

  3. yeah!!! more outfit pics, cannot wait!