Saturday, January 16, 2010

NY night outfit

Hi ,guys!As I promised I post some photos of my NY outfit here. As a hair style I've chosen a hair bow that I was dreaming about for a long time already and New Year party was a great event for it. Who could know that it would be so hard to make such hair style with my oh so long hair- in the middle of the process my hairdresser was about to give up but then I gave her one advice how to make it more easy and she managed to make everything right.
at my mother's place

(dress-Selected, earrings-Vintage, tights-Topshop, shoes-Zara)

with my gals


  1. most beautiful girl on earth!

    Pls darling! dont be angry at me!! just know that my love is strong for you! and Ill never forget you and all the things we had! You are the best thing in my life!

  2. I love your hairstyle :]

    Bows are my favorite!

  3. the hair is indeed really good!

  4. i love your hair style !! u r lookin very beautiful :))