Tuesday, January 12, 2010

and the winner is...

Hi guys!Sorry that I didn't announce the winner of the giveaway on the 11th of January but I really had a lot of problems with my computer that were bad not only for my blog but also for my preparing for the exams. Now everything is ok so I hope I'll post more often here.It wasn't hard to choose the winner because the most diligent was Bailey! My congratulations ,Bailey!!!Your sketches are great!:) In few days I'll send the prize to you-in the package you'll find many nice things(I'll show them here later).


  1. how do her sketches look like?
    wanna see them! ;-)

  2. I'm going to post them later:) now I have to prepare for my exams

  3. still loving you! and miss you till the end of days!