Wednesday, January 20, 2010

in my perfect world...

I have one secret to tell you... I'm a big dreamer!:)I'm sure that everyone imagines sometimes how could his/her perfect world look like. So do I sometimes. Looking through the prism of blogs my own perfect world would look something like this:
♥ All people in the streets and in the subway would look like people from StockholmStreetStyle- nice,healthy-looking, well-groomed,stylish and with strong personality ♥ My days and partys would look childish, careless and crazy like Sandra's from Noitefelem ♥ My shoes would be like from Sea of Shoes ♥ My meals would be appetizing like from Clara's blog ♥ My make up would be bright and bold as Xenia's from DoedeereBlogazine ♥ My work would be creative and interesting like Glamourai's P.S. I advice you to visit these blogs because they really make my day sometimes so I think they can inspire you for a beautiful life too:)
P.P.S. And how would your perfect world look like if we are talking about blogs?:)


  1. love it! really enjoyed this post :)

  2. I'd want my life to be like Gala Darling's. Her posts are always so full of magic and bright colors!

  3. mmm clara's blog is tasty indeed.

  4. In my perfect world everything would be monochromatic shades of blue. Love the blog you should check out mine