Friday, October 16, 2009

The roots

One day every person starts to think about his/her national identification. It's impossible to uderstand who your are if you don't look at your roots. For my opinion it's some step of maturing and now I'm on this level. I'm russian. A citizen of a country with very rich history and culture but very hard destiny. Lately I was talking a lot about russian culture here on my blog. Many of you told me that it's cool that I'm proud of my country but that's not entirely true. May be it's a paradox but I love a lot the cultural heritage of my country and hate my country itself! Our government was always doing too many bad things to our country- it rob's it, pollutes it, tries to override and humble it. Russian nature is absolutely marvelous, russian people are strong,tough,beautiful,clever and understanding, but at the same time Russia is full of contrasts- ugliness and beauty always live here side by side.
I'd like to know- are you proud of your country? What you like/dislike about it?

This photo was made by my friend but the idea is mine. This matreshka(another 2 dolls are from the inside of the bigger one) was given to me as a gift by my mother wen I was 1 year old. I clearly remember that I was playing with it a lot when I was a child. It had 5 or may be 6 dolls inside but of course during such a long time(OMG!20 years!) some of them were lost. The rest of it is very precious for me and I save it like a relic.
Here are some details about this look if you're interested:
Make up- MAC shimmer blush 'Dollymix'; MAC lipstick-'Morange'
Outfit-vintage scarf Salvatore Ferragamo;Beads-H&M.
Make up-me
Photographer-Igor Kiselev

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  1. Hi there : ) Seems Im the one and only to post anything here.

    We've talked about roots and nationality lately. In fact I've got similiar attitude to yours. I mean: my country's history let me be proud of it, but the present situation ain't this good. People here are mostly (mostly!) stupid and intolerant. It's tiring. The polish aren't open-minded and they don't understand many things. Not to mention political aspects.

    Btw. Very nice photo : ) & be up-to-date with my blog. Soon I will post autumnal photos.