Wednesday, October 14, 2009

mother Russia

Hi everyone!I'm back from Spain!Didn't manage to go to Barcelona but the weather was so nice and the sea was so warm that I had a great time in Lloret de Mar. Believe me-natural tan is much more precious than shopping in October. Now I'm living my ordinary life in Saint-Petersburg and don't want to believe that the wet snow that we already have now will poison my life for at least 6 months! Today we met with my friends at the photographic studio to have fun and make some great pictures. My obsession about russian culture couldn't not to tell upon my outfit and make up. This photo is from my camera and it's not finished well but I was so impatient to show it to you that decided to post it here right now! Hope you like it!:) More pictures and a short story about my outfit come soon! Stay tuned.


  1. It's so great that you value your own culture and probably love your country. I wish I cound do the same, but actually I'm not interested in Poland at all.

    P.S. I was in Lloret de Mar in July these holidays (photos of Paris are from the same journey, cause it was a tour: Paris, Lloret, Barcelona). I cant wait to see some photos from Spain : )

  2. May be it's a paradox but I love the culture of my country a lot and don't like my country itself at all. We have a great cultural heritage but our government was always doing too many bad things to our country and here in Russia ugliness and beauty are living side by side.

    Ho do you like Lloret?:) I'll post the photos from Spain as soon as I get them but I can say that unfortunately I'm not so good at photography as you are:)

  3. Hi Nataly, my name is Arthur. I am living in Germany. We have created a Vodka named BAGUSHKA VODKA with the claim: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. I would like to get in contact with Russian Designers and design minded people to create an unseen cmapaign. I like your photos vermy much. Please contact us:

    Lots of Love from Munich to beautiful Russia!!!

  4. I ment: BABUSHKA VODKA!!