Saturday, October 17, 2009

The bog

Lately I feel so bored! You know such periods of life when just nothing happens- today was one of the most grey days. The only place I've been today was university, then I went home, switched on my computer -also there nothing happens- no interesting emails, a lack of posts from bloggers, no fun messages on the facebook-nothing! No events lately, no good news, no suggetions from friends. Of course it may be my laziness but also my horoscope in Grazia says today-don't do anything, just wait. The most strange thing is that I don't even want to go shopping to entertain myself because I don't know what I want! I was waiting for money because I wanted to order something from my tailor but now I have no idea what to order! It feels like I have some boggy morass around me- it sucks me in and the last inspiration and energy throw me over. Probably the reason of it is the season-I never liked fall. I was always associating it with such course of life. Honestly I'm not the most energetic person in the world and when nothing interesting happens I just go out. Of course I'm happy that everything is ok in general but I need some fresh air, some new ideas. What I like about such periods is that I have mood for reading books and for my luck I've received recently The Sartorialist book and it is really amazing and very inspiring. We all love The Sartorialist blog and now I can almost carry it with me everywhere-the book is quite small and I can look through it and dream about dolce vita and beautiful people at university, cafe, subway or enywhere else.

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  1. there are so many books that i need to buy!! the sartorialist, the teen vogue handbook, and a bunch of others!!