Saturday, August 15, 2009

Give me more!

Hi everyone!I'm sorry that I didn't make the post that I promised to make! My mother was a little bit sick and I had to help her with some household chores. Tomorrow I go back home and I'll post about the photo shoot.
These days I was reading all the blogs that I have in my list and I'm a bit bored because people don't update too often now because they are on vacation .I need some new fresh and really inspiring blogs to read and watch. It has to be something with strong personality(not only pictures from magazines and so on) and soul. Something like style diary or something about life style in general. I'm waiting from you some names and references of great blogs!I really NEED TO REFRESH MY BLOG LIST.Thank you!


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  2. heeeey hello :)

    You're blog is AaaaaWSOOOMEEE !
    I LOVE that blog!!!!!!!!! <3

    I'm Viktoria from Poland

    and I just try making my blog again ;) and do more "fashion" post's

    If you want , you can add me to your bloglist :D because I do that too

    sorry for my english :P I'm not good in this as you can see

    I wish you find some inspiration !
    Good luck!

    PS. sory but in first version I make mistake in many words ;P

  3. totally gorgeous makeup :)

    great blog!