Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy blogger

Hi everyone! Some of you were asking why my posts became so rare.Believe me I really have a wish for blogging now and I have a lot of photos and ideas to show you but this week I was staying with my sister and brother because my mother was out of town and I was very very busy cooking meals for the whole family and looking after these frolicsome children.Tomorrow I go back to my sweet flat and next days you can expect colorful posts about my plans for fall that concern fashion and life style!
Stay tuned!
I really love my readers and appreciate your attention!


  1. I know the feeling when you have lots of posts you have to do but not just the time to post them... But then again one should always remember that the blogging is kind of like a bonus, and if you do it when you really have the time it keeps u p the quality! So I think it's ok if your readers have to wait a little bit every now and then :)

  2. yeh! quality is much more important than quantity!that's why I do post only when I have enough time and inspiration to make them interesting and inspiring for others.