Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bad blogger is back!

Hi,guys!I'm finally back from Finland! I had a great time there as I already told you,but in fact there is no better place like home!I'm getting pleasure now staying at my own apartment, doing some small ordinary affairs and meeting with my friends.
I have some great news! I was featured at the new issue of Style Sample magazine(Thank you Tamia for including me!) and I'm very excited because it's a first time when my blog is featured in some magazine. You can read a small interview with me here. I was reading this online magazine from it's first issue because I think the concept itself is great(it's a magazine about and for fashion bloggers) and it feels that every issue is worked in workmanlike manner.
This outfit I was wearing when I was going to Finland.It is very simple but I think that you don't need too much when you have tanned skin after vacation on a sea side. As you see I'm wearing a tee by Danny Roberts. I can say that it is my fave tee now because the picture on it is great and it fits right.I was also getting a lot of attention from guys there in Helsinki(sometimes you don't need to wear heels and dresses to look attractive because such relaxed look can also be very nice).I have a new bag from spanish brand Purificacion Garcia.It looks like Hermes Birkin bag and Chanel 2.55 were making love and had a baby but anyway I like it because it has amazing tint of red(I'm crazy about red colour lately!) and it is made of very very soft leather and it looks cool with almost everything in my wardrobe.
I have a lot of photos from my vacation that I'll show you these days,so stay tuned!

Tee-B&F by Danny Roberts
Shorts-from Italy
Bag-Purificacion Garcia


  1. Yes amazing! you look great rocking the tee! :) love it
    thanks for the post!

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