Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today I bought a new issue of Grazia magazine.I turned few pages and saw Misha Barton. My first reaction was- what the f*ck??!! And you know why? The reason was that at first sight I thought that it was Renee Sturme from Fashion Fillers!!!I know that fashion blogs have a great influence to the world of fashion now but I haven't seen before that stars can be so shameless that they copy quite famous bloggers. I thought that it was just a coincidence and only my opinion but when I have shown this picture to my friend and asked "don't you think that she looks here like someone else?" she exclaimed "Renee!". Almost everything reminds of Renee's style- hair, large quantity of thin bracelets and rings, dress wich looks like vintage,burgundy tights(if you look through Renee's blog sometimes you can notice that she likes burgundy tights), even background!!!! This sounds incredibly but I don't belive that there can be such coinidences! and YES!Even stars copy fashion bloggers!Check out Renee's outfits at lookbook and you'll understand that i'm right.

I don't have a scanner now so the quality of photo is not so good. On the real picture the colour of Misha's tights is the same as on Renee's photo.Her dress is made of white lace.Renee's dress has very similar lace. White lace+burgundy's almost a plagiarism!


  1. hahahaha Mischa is playing dirty I see. Well I agree on this with you to be honest the problem is that she is gonna get away with it and she is going to be praised on the papers for something which isn't her own. No one is able to anything about it of course you can speak out your mind which is good thing to do like what you said on this blog. Big ups. The most important thing is that we know and most of people who know Renee from something that she is original and Mischa can suck ass.

    Celebs are just soooo desperate

    good post darling!

  2. Ack, I hate Misha anyway. Renee is cuter haha.
    Misha's very stuck-up about her style, funny that she'd be copying a blogger of all things.

  3. both wonderful outfits, but I prefer renee's!

  4. Thank you for stopping by my site! Complimenti! Sai parlare molto bene l'italiano! Per rispondere alla tua domanda, abito in un paese vicino Firenze..
    Mi piace il tuo blog! CiaoO!