Tuesday, February 24, 2009

red as blood , grey as clouds

Today I watched the last series of Gossip Girl and it makes me really sad. Gossip girl is like a sweet dream that ends with the last series and then you must realize that reality has nothing in common with this magic world of beauty,love, parties and wealthy life.It seems like Garance wrote about my thoughts some time ago.
As you can see Blair is my fave character. It's not only because of her outstanding outfits. She is so funny, so sarcastic , so majestic and so naive at the same time that she charms you right away.

Some days ago I bought some fabrics- the red one and the grey are for dresses( I hope my tailor will be able tmake them in time) because ....I have my birthday quite soon (11 of March.hurrah!) and I need a unique and gorgeous dress for it.If you want to congratulate me you can send me cards to: Romashko Natalia. Russia,Saint-Petersburg,Italianskaja st.,29,flat 15, 191011. haha)) I don't expect anything but anyway...

I also bought some fabrics for my DIY project. I'll tell you about it later.


  1. Oh Natalie, it's not that difficult to understand your buzz about GG cause it really makes ppl into it. As 4 me..it took a week to fall in love with this story. Nice script, charming personalities, gorgeous work of stylist, absolutly fabolous OST. Yeah..it's got a lot to love for.;))

  2. Leighton Meester wrote about you: http://marissameester.blogspot.com/