Sunday, February 15, 2009

my first working experience

I 've already told you that I was working as a make up artist/stylist at a photo shoot for a spring campaign for my mother's shop. Every season they make a contest to choose a new face for the campaign so every girl can send her photos and tell some words about herself. They usually choose a girl that has a nice appearance and a rich inner life. This time Svetlana became a face of spring campaign- she is very cheerfull and nice person and it was a pleasure to deal with her. Unfortunately I didn't make photos without make up so I show you how she looks in real life without make up made by profi like me)) the pictures are not so perfect because they are not edited at all and honestly I didn't like the photographer. But anyway I like these photos. I must say that it was a hard work because all 5 hours spent at the photographic studio I was helping also as assistant and adjusting hair and make up all the time so I couldn't take a seat even for a minute.



It was important to make her look natural and pretty.The photo shoot was about sea style so I made her a little bit more tanned with bronze pouder and used different shades of gold for eyes.

How do you like my work? I really want to know your opinion.

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  1. hi : )
    I just read through your blog, you know monday... nothing to do, anyways I'm a stylist too (only strating... Ive only done 4 shootings)and uhm you are going to hate me after this but compared to your personal style this shooting is really no good. I think you have an amazing base to start from, you have a really good taste but the shooting (in my opinion) is '90s commercial. You should put much more of your personal style in it.

    lovely blog anyways : )
    and you are really lovely yourself too
    : )