Friday, December 05, 2008

practical work

I'm quite nervous because tomorrow I have to do practical work! I have to work for Cat's model agency graduation!We have to do the make up very fast and it must be bright but not vulgar-it's a hard task!Too bad that I have to buy a lot of cosmetics tomorrow for this work,though it's a good practice and we really need it.May be I'll make some photos(if i have time).


  1. I hope you do well!!! Don't stress too much, I'm sure you'll do great! BTW, I LOVE your blog and you are a beautiful person!

  2. Oh,thank you so much!) I did everything well!so I'm very happy now!:D we had awful conditions of work(it was too hot in a small room,very bad light and it was too crowded there),but I managed to do nice make up for two guys and one girl.Too bad I don't have any photos becase I didn't have time to make them.