Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'll take you to the candy shop

Uh...I'm finaly free from my university for the next week! This week was one of the hardest this year-I had exams almost every day and I had the final exam at my make up artist/stylist courses. I am proud of myself because my work was the best at the exam! Here are some photos and may be later I'll post some more.
We had to make a look on the subject "antistress". I made a "candy shop girl". The dress is made of a man's XXL t-shirt and ten bast whispes(it took four hours of my precious time!) , the doughnut-it's a painted rubber ring , the bracelet is made of jellies, her lips are covered with grit for cake and her head is covered with candy floss. I think I coped with the task!)


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  2. This is fantastic you're a wonderful artist. I'm not a make-up artist but I love make-up and it's great that you have a degree on it. I study cinema and finishing this year too. I love your blog :)

  3. thank you) I was dreaming about having make up artists degree for a long time and I finally did it!)
    what exactly do you study about cinema?