Monday, December 08, 2008


Some time ago I considered eyes to be more important part of the face and I always accentuated them. But then I noticed that my lips always look "undressed" and from this point my love for lipsticks and lipgloss began. Today I purchased Chanel Aqualumiere lipgloss("bonbon") that I was looking forward to buy.

I was using my electric pink lipstick some days ago and I've heard the most weird compliment from one boy-"You have a beautiful make up!"(usually guys don't notice things like that)
On the photo-YSL lipstick n16(red),YSL lipstick n49(pink),Chanel lipgloss "bonbon"


  1. Electric pink lipstick looks superb in you! Of course eyes and lips are the focal points of every beautiful face, like yours! Greetings!

  2. i reckon we have the same shade of YSL red lipstick which I call my "kick-arse" red lipstick!
    hope you won't mind us exchanging links? and by the way, you've got such GLORIOUS SKIN! =)