Wednesday, December 08, 2010

todays outfit

(Wearing: sweater-vintage; skirt-Zara; boots-Ugg's;scarf-Victoria couture)

I know that I didn't post any of my outfits for a long time so here it is! I think you guess why I can't take photos now-it is getting dark so early! Honestly I hate making photos with flash but it's better like this than nothing. I'm wearing my new coral Ugg's. Most of fashionistas hate Ugg's but with such severe winters(when it's -20C outside) like we have in Russia you can't survive in your super-trendy-fashion-boots and for my opinion the most unfashionable thing is a person suffering from cold.


  1. Excellent! Love the coral and blue together!

  2. Oh my gosh! It does get cold there! I like your blue tights :]

    And (on an earlier post) you are SO lucky to have an H&M! We don't have any H&M's here in Texas..which is odd because it's the USA..hmm. That coral tulle dress on the rack looked lovely :] should definately send me some H&M goodies ;D

    -Bailey Faye

    To The 9's

  3. I love you're style. It's perfect. How old are you? :)

  4. thanks,Annu!:)so nice to hear it. I'm 22 years old