Friday, December 24, 2010

Inspire me!

I'm looking for some new blogs and some fresh inspiration! If you have a blog leave your blog's address in the comments and also tell few words about it's content and why I should read it. Five best blogs(for my opinion) will be published here.


  1. I'm an 18-year-old girl from Finland and my blog consist of interesting and beautiful things in my life. I've just started writing so I'm not sure about the "style" of my blog. I also write in finnish so that might be a problem, though I mainly have pictures in my posts.

  2. finnish is not a problem :) if I like some blog and it's not in english but full of nice personal pictures I just use google translate to know what the author is talking about))
    for example I read a lot of swedish blogs

  3. me too ;)
    Swedish blogs rules ! ;) (Elsa,Sandra,Urlika ;))
    My blog. Hmm I write in polish , but I wanna start to add little translate to my posts.
    I write about my life(loooong posts) and about inspiration, fashion, my drawings , with pictures.
    I wanna start something better after New Year , so You Welcome if You want.

  4. hello I have a blog, you're free to visit you can watch my thoughts, inspiration and photography that I take :)

  5. hi! your blog is great I really like it!
    in my blog I sometimes write in spanish

  6. Hi!
    My blog consists of pretty original fashion pictures and my own fashion designs!