Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion Forecast-the beginning

Some people are lucky to have a good intuition and I guess that I'm among them. Quite frequently I have premonitions about what is going to be popular trendy or name it like you want. My premonitions about fashion are usually exepressed in an intolerable desire to own something. I had this feeling long time before veils became trendy and appeared in all magazines and street fashion stores. I don't know how that idea appeared in my head because I even didn't see any photos(for example retro) with veils before that moment but I was dreaming about that piece so hard that I digged Etsy all over to find at least some vintage veils because I couldn't find any here in SPb. My aim was achieved and I got some vintage black veil from Etsy and made some head piece with a bow,veil and even spots(I cut them out of velvet fabric) but I faced another problem-where I can go with this beauty on my head and not to be taken for a mad person?! Unfortunately that amazing head piece didn't see the light much(except one fun photo shoot-the photo above was made then)but anyway I was happy because then I realised-I have a good fashion intuition.

I was bearing an idea of a number of Fashion Forecast posts from that time and finally I know what I can present to you, my dear readers. It's just an experiment but I think that for a fashion blogger it's important to have intuition and to share it with others because nowadays bloggers become trendsetters.

Stay tuned because this week I'm going to make my first post with some fresh fashion forecast!

PS: I know that you are lazy sometimes to comment here(as sometimes I am) but it would be nice if you comment what you think about the idea of Fashion Forecast posts.




  1. I would love to see some fashion forecasts! I myself have been a little soothsayer for fashion from time to time!

  2. I wish i had the same ability =)

    Отличный аксессуар =) мне всегда нравились такие вуальки =)

  3. i love that photo of you! so elegant - looking hot N!

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