Sunday, October 10, 2010


photo from Manish Arora show f/w 2010-2011

Hello my dear readers! I had a little break with my blog because I'm very busy lately-university, work and drawing courses take all my time. Though I'm quite inspired lately and I have many ideas what to post here but unfortunately I don't have anyone to take photos when it's right time for it. You know this blog is a hobby for me ,a place where I collect my outfits, ideas,inspiring photos and so on and of course a place where I can share my inspiration with you. And I'd like to know WHO ARE YOU because I want to know for whom I make this blog and why you spend your time reading it. So I'd be very happy if you answer some questions here in comments:

1)Who are you?(tell me you age, where you live and what you like)

2)Tell me the most important thing about yourself

3)Tell me why you read my blog and what you like the most about it

4)What makes you come back every time to read my new posts?


PS: You should know that I really appreciate your attention!


  1. 1)My name is Bailey. I will be 18 next month and I live in the USA. I love fashion and world cultures (I'm the one who entered those sketches in your contest a few months ago and won...I'm still in love with my prize by the way :])

    2)I am a very creative person! My creativity is something I am very thankful for :]

    3)I like that your blog shows who you are. It is interesting to learn about someone who lives in a different country and loves fashion just like me :] I also like to see all your beautiful outfits and hairstyles.

    4)I come back to your blog for outfit inspiration and of course, because I love your blog!


  2. 1) My name is Kaitie and I live in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. I am 21 and graduated university this past May. I love impulse shopping and cupcakes!

    2) I am a very passionate and determined person. I never take "no" for an answer!

    3) I read your blog because I like to read about different types and styles of fashion all over the world. I appreciate your style and have gotten some very inspirational ideas from your outfits!

    4) I come back to read your blog to see your new outfit posts :)

  3. 1)My name is Kirill, i'm from St.Petersburg. I'm studying at the faculty of international relations.

    2) Working as a personal shopper, stylist and pr assistant.

    3)Really nice blog girl: A lot of information and good english.

    4) I don't know why i'm coming back, It is just a miracle)

  4. I like miracles!)) thank you for answering

  5. 1) I'm Sabine, 17 years old and i live ind Denmark (Scandinavia).
    I like playing and listening to music, drawing, making easy DIY's and try out new things in my style.

    2) I am creative and very good at analysing trends-

    3) I like to read your blog because i really like your style. Every single outfit is a world of inspiration.

    4) I come back because you keep making nice blogposts (beautiful pictures, nice music and good texts).