Thursday, June 11, 2009

this is too cute!

Hi everyone! I'm so so happy!!!
1-Today I have handed over my degree work to the reviewer.
2-Yesterday I've got the t-shirt from B&F by Danny Roberts(it has such a nice label! Look at the photo-I think he is too cute!:)) and I already have an idea how to wear it!
3-Vacation is coming!!!
4-I've discovered The Selby and I'm just eating up with my eyes all these amazing pictures!My fave flat is here.
While I was working at my degree work I couldn't think about anything pleasant so I had no wish for blogging but now I'm free and I promise to show you all the best! I was tagged by Ulrika some time ago so I'm going to make a post about it.
Have a nice day or night!:) see you soon!


  1. I love his interests and his special abilities-- what a dream boat.

  2. He is really cute. Well done for finishing your degree work.

  3. Hi! =)
    I Love his blog and his works..

  4. to Vanessa: yes,he is really an interesting person!:)
    to HiFashion: thank you!:)