Saturday, March 28, 2009


All my thoughts lately are about my PROM this summer-as I told you before I graduate from the university. PROM is a special event for all girls I think because it's a day when you want to look and feel like a princess and when you want to show all your class-mates and others how beautiful you are. I decided to show you my photos from my school PROM and when I was looking through them I was shocked because I realized that four years have past since that day. So here you can see some photos from the time whe I was young and light-hearted.(I'm 17 on these photos)
I like looking what dresses girls choose for their PROM because you always can see personality through the dress.So I decided to make a tag and ask five girls to show their PROM photos.

So the rules are:

1)choose your three fave photos from your school PROM
2)explain why you have chosen that dress and where did you get it
3)tag five other girls

I tag: Alice Point, Doe Deere Blogazine, Eyes of me, The cherry blossom girl, The Freelancer's Fashionblog

I've never been an adherent of minimalism so for my school PROM I was wearing Just Cavalli silk dress with some abstract pattern and I had some peacock
feathers in my hair(too bad you can't see it on the photos) and I was very very suntanned.

me and my class-mates



  1. You really are very nicely suntanned indeed :)

    My prom was ten years ago (OMG!) and thus before the times of digital cameras, (at least no one I knew had one evne htough they might have been non the market?don't know...) so I have to go get some pics from my parent's house since all my old pics ae there. But I will do it a t some point for sure ! :D

  2. You look breathtaking dear, I didn't attend on my prom :) I hated my high school so I don't have any photos. But this is a really good tag I wish I could be a part :(

  3. The freelancer's fashionblog:
    Thank you dear) Yes, time flies by! I hope you'll find your photos because I'm really interested to see them :)

    Oh, thank you!) It's a pitty that you didn't attend on your prom...(