Friday, March 20, 2009

tips: flawless skin

If you look at some person and think that he/she is beautiful be sure that 50% of such impression depends on how smooth and fresh his/her skin looks. It may be obvious but not all of us remember such simple rules of skin care:

-sleep well(we all like watching blogs and so on till late hours but our skin restores while we sleep so you need at list 8-9 hours of healthy sleep if you don't want to look like a ghost in the morning)

-don't overdo with alcohol (we all like parties but try not to drink too much because alcohol harms your liver and your skin health depends a lot on you liver condition. If you can't have fun without alco it's better to drink red wine)

-don't smoke( I think I don't have to explain why)

-eat right food: vegetables, fruits and fish(it containes Omega3)

-drink a lot of water(it cleans all your organism)

-take vitamins: Omega 3, Vitamin A and E and other conbined vitamins.

-do sport and go for a walk to take some fresh air(it improves blood circulation and your skin becomes more fresh and glowing)

-don't stress too much and find some ways to relax( stress makes your skin old)

-clean your skin properly twice a day. You should use at least three things every day- purifying lotion( I use Kenzoki-Smooth bamboo water and I really can reccomend it to you), cleansing foam(I use Biotherm or Clinique) or gel and moisturizing cream(I use Biotherm- Biopur). And please don't try to save on these things! Hey!It's your face after all-the most visible part of your body! Twice a week you should also use some exfoliant to refresh your skin(I use Lancome-Smoothing Exfoliating cream for a long time already and I really like it).It would be great if you use some moisturizing and ceansing masks sometimes(Kenzoki also has a great Energisant face mask).

- take sun-baths(you take vitamin D from it. But don't overdo with it because few minutes per week in solarium makes your skin beautiful and more makes it old. I think you don't want to have wrinkles in your early age)

-If you have really serious skin problems then go to a cosmetologist and a doctor( you may have serious problems with your health and your skin shows it)

So that's all! I hope you take care of yourself and stay beautiful!
Do you have any beauty secrets?


  1. Thanks for these great tips Nataly! I pretty much do a lot of them. I think drinking so much water is my beauty secret :)

  2. hmm those are good tips.
    hard to follow soome times, haha.
    ill definetly try.