Tuesday, January 20, 2009

blue obsession

I wasn't posting too much lately because I was occupied with my exams and could't think about anything except my university. Uh...this hard time has almost passed so now I can pay some attention to myself. I'm lookig forward to go to vacation because I want to visit Finland again(for the hundredth time may be). I like this place because I can really relax there-it's such a calm country. I'd like to do some thrift shopping there too(may be you can tell me some nice places besides UFF?).

Today i had a manicure and now my nails are blue. I'm tired of all shades of red ,pink and violet now so it's time for all shades of blue! I've already bought 3 of them for spring but I couldn't resist and used one today.

Usually I take pictures with Canon EOS and they turn out very nice but my mother took it for a trip so now I have to make pictures with my telephone(ugh!awful quality and colors-that's another reason of rare posting).


  1. I love the color of the nail polish it's so beautiful and looks so good on you. You have beautiful hands :)

  2. That is a nice colour!

    Thanks for your coment, I remember you posted one once before about mentioning me here but I couldn't find the comment again in my blog so I never commented it anyhow to you...

    About Helsinki; stroll around Kruunuhaka for vinage and thrift stores, like Play it Again Sam (Rauhankatu) or Nasta (Liisankatu). The UFF stroes on Freedrikinkatu and Iso Robetrinkatu are quite good, and then check out little Hula Hula boutique on Punavuorenkatu. I also like Ansa in Kallio (Fleminginkatu).

    Some time ago I needed some info for a friend and found this file, it lists quite a lot in Helsinki:
    www.visitfinland.ru/w5/ru/index.nsf/6dbe7db571ccef1cc225678b004e73ed/ 159eb81e8f7fb5acc22572b5002c4dc8/$FILE/hel24.doc