Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back to school...ooops!university

I have a special feeling the past few days-I feel like a schoolgirl. When I was a schoolgirl I was always missing school at the end of the summer. Some of my friends hated school so did I sometimes but every August I was missing my mates and the whole atmosphere of school. It was always so thrilling to see how my mates changed through the summer and I always tryed my best to look good for the beginning of the school year. And what I liked more than anything-shopping for stationery, finding the most beautyful notebooks and colored pens to draw some nonsense during the lessons. Though I'm a big girl already and I'm doing masters(it's my last year at university) I'm very happy that I still have this feeling because that means my inner child is still alive.

I want to thank my friend for these amazing photos! It's a work of a young talented photographer Nikita Bashkov.
I'm wearing: tee-H&M,skirt-Zara,shoes-Topshop.

♥PS:I don't know when a school year starts in your country but in Russia it starts on the 1st of September. I wish everyone to have a great year at school/university-believe me, you will remember these years like something amazing for all your life.


  1. Poland: 1st September
    For some 2 or 3 hours back to high school.
    Great pictures. Congratulations to the photographer.
    I like yout skirt. It is beautiful.

  2. Hahah I love your poses! I feel like going to school too but my time has passed I'm a working girl now...

  3. здорово.

    интересный блог.