Friday, July 09, 2010


Hi,dears! I know you haven't heard from me for a long time. I've already told you that I went to Spain with my friends for the vacation so here I am! On the sunny sea side of Lloret de Mar. I've spent 7 days here already but they were so busy and interesting that I had no time for blogging. What we've already had here:
-a concert of David Guetta and Black Eyed Peas in Barcelona(one of the best in my life!the power of the crowd was just fantastic!)
-sleeping on the benches at the railway station till morning because we missed the bus and the last train to Lloret de mar
-absolutely mad evening at a sport bar when Spain beated Germany(I was very happy because I'm a fan of the Red Fury) and reached the final(you can't even imagine what was going on in the steets!)
-very hectic but quite productive shopping in Barcelona
-few days on the beautiful beaches of Lloret de Mar
Today was a nice day-we went to one of the wolds biggest museums of Salvador Dali in Figueras and we also visited a castle of his all time muse-Gala. They were a fantastic couple! pure inspiration. Here are some photos from Figueras and Gala's castle.
Museum of Dali ,Figueras

Face of May West,museum of Salvador Dali( this all is furniture)

Jewelery by Salvador Dali

a lovely place

yammy lunch-lasagna and red vine


near Gala's castle

we found this cutie in the garden near the castle-I just couldn't stop looking at him!he was so glad to play with us

PS: I was wearing a new tee from H&M, Zara shorts with polka dots, Spirit shoes and Ray Ban sun glasses.

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